Create a Page via the Persona Bar

  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.
    Persona Bar > Content > Pages
  2. Click/Tap Add Page or Add Multiple Pages.

    Pages > Click/Tap Add Page.

  3. In the Details tab, configure the page.

    Add Page > Details

    Field Description
    [Page] Name Required. Used in the navigation.
    [Page] Title Displayed as the browser window's title.
    Tip: The title is used by search engines to identify the information on the page. Include at least five highly descriptive words, and keep the title under 200 characters.
    [Page] URL Custom URL for the page.
    Keywords Comma-separated keywords that can be used by search engines to help index your site's pages.
    Tags Tags to help search engines categorize and find this page.
    Workflow Predefined workflow states that you can choose from the dropdown.
    Display in Menu If enabled, the page is included in the main navigation menu. If the page is not included in the navigation menu, you can still link to it using its URL.
    Link Tracking If enabled,
    Enable Scheduling

    If enabled, the Start Date and End Date buttons appear below the switch. Click/Tap on either button to set the dates and times.

    • The page is published after the specified start date. If Start Date is not set, the page is published immediately.
    • The page is hidden after the specified end date. If End Date is not set, the page is visible indefinitely.

    Add Page > Details > Calendar

    Page Template Required. The template layouts are defined by the theme used in the site.
  4. (Optional) In the Permissions tab, configure which roles can do which actions on this page.

    Add Page > Permissions

    • To filter the displayed roles, select the role group from the Filter By Group dropdown.
    • To add another role to the list, choose the additional role from the Select Role dropdown, and click/tap Add.
    • To add a specific user to the list, enter part of their display name, select the correct user from the list, and click/tap Add.
    • Check the appropriate checkboxes to enable each role to perform actions.
  5. Click/Tap Create.
  6. Add the new page to the hierarchy of pages.

    Add Page > Drag the floater.

    1. Drag the floating Drag Page into Location box towards the column of pages.
    2. To insert at the same level, drag until the placeholder appears in the correct position.
    3. To insert at a lower level, hover above the intended parent until another column appears to the right, then drag until the placeholder appears in the correct position in the column of siblings.


The page is displayed in edit mode. You can click/tap on any of the panes to add content or modules.