Activate Your License Automatically

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To activate a license, you need the invoice number(s) sent to you in an email after your purchase and the email address associated with each invoice. Each license will have its own invoice number (e.g., INV00x-1, INV00x-2, INV00x-3).

If you are unable to find the required information, contact Customer Support.

Note: You might need to modify your firewall settings to allow a query to the DNN licensing web service:


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > About.
    Persona Bar > Settings > About
  2. Click Add License.
    Click Add License.
  3. Fill in the required information.

    Choose License Type, enter Account Email and Invoice Number, then click Automatic Activation.

    1. Select the License Type from the list.
      Important: The selected License Type must match the license type of the invoice you are using.
      The license type can be:
      • Production (default)
      • Staging
      • Failover
      • Test
      • Development

      The Web Server name is prefilled with the server name stored in the WebServers table of the current site's database.

    2. Enter the Account Email and Invoice Number associated with your license.
    3. Click Automatic Activation.