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Allowing specific users to edit a single page only

Trying to set up a page in our DNN instance that would be editable by a particular security role. Ideally, I would like that role to be able to add modules to the page, or, at the very least, move existing modules around the skin to rearrange content as …

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JWT AuthHandler - How to use the renewalToken?

As the title says how to use it? The documentation page does not explain how it is used.

Author: Niels b
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Default.aspx hacked

Hello, Somehow someone is hacking my default.aspx page and inserting script that redirects users to a virus site. I've been overwriting it each time it happens as I try to find the issue. I'm on 7.04 (will be upgrading when possible). I've removed the …

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Popup Login does not work when clicking on login link

Dear all, I am a newer to DNN. I have downloaded source 7.1.2 and installed successfully. But after I click on login link in Firefox, I saw a popup is showed. But nothing in it. If I click on login link in Chrome,the popup show and disappear immediately. …

Author: nghia xuan
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multiple apppools

I am may be naïve in my understanding of configuring dnn with multiple sites/portals, but the way I have done it uses 1 dnn instance with only 1 apppool as I do not see how to use multiple apppools. of course the disadvantage is that I have all of my …

Author: tony bonn
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