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DNN Portal Creation Event

Hi Guys, Is there any event that I can link into which gets fired on a Portal being created. Basically what I need to do is every time a portal is being created I need to fire some code. I would rather use an event than mucking around in the DNN core …

Author: nilsh
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Do you want DNN support for Themler (Artisteer)?

PLEASE VOTE!! This is very important for all the DNN admins who can't make their own DNN skin from scratch. There's a software called Artisteer that let's you create your own custom DNN skins. It's easy to use and cheap. If there was no Artisteer I …

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Hide Help and Tools button in the black admin bar?

Hi, How do I hide the Help and Tools buttons in the black admin bar of my sites? I don't want Admins to have access to those. thank you!

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dotnetnuke template for visual studio 2012

I download the template for visual studio 2012 DNNTemplates.vsix  but it gives me this logs. telling me that this vs 2012 contains this template but it is not installed and even I searched in Tools-> Extention and update for dotnetnuke but I …

Author: hani damis
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page name conflict

My site is two lingual (Persian and English), there is too many error in event log (8 error in one second with different link!) Advanced Friendly URL Provider Duplicate URL Warni:Page Naming ConflictDuplicate Page Details:Page naming conflict. Url of …

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