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Problems indexing website

Hello DNN, DNN comes with its own search engine; however, when I go to Admin -> Search Admin and I click on the Re-Index Content button, nothing happens. When searching content on my site using the search field, it finds no results (unsurprisingly). …

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DNN dev site keeps directing to Productions site.

We have been asked to update a DNN site. It is running DNN 6.01.05 on a Windows 2003 server. I made a copy of the content and backed up the database and then move the site to a new server. We gave the site a dev subdomain and added that to the portal …

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Upload Files Larger than 30Mb

Hi, I have changed settings in 3 places that I know of: IIS Request Filtering: changed the max file upload setting to 300,000,000 (~293MB) System.Webserver: System.Web: maxRequestLength="51200" requestLengthDiskThreshold="28672" Still can't upload a …

Author: Peter Gray
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Can anyone recommend or know about document workflows?

This is available in the Evoq Content product. There are also some third party document management modules available via that permit this too.

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Private community

we would like to create enterprise social network within DNN. Once a franchisee is logged in they have a place to share ideas, rant, rave, but all in a private contained location. We dont want them doing this on Facebook etc.. Can the latest version …

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