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post registration

DNN platform 8.0.3: After the site administrator has created a new user account, this user will have to complete the fields necessary, during the first login. My testing-DNN-instance works fine, but the productive one does not lead the new user to the …

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How can a user request a resend of the verification code?

On most other sites that require verification codes, there is a link to resend the code. How can I present the user a way to do this without the admin having to login and resend?

Author: Roy Barrow
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Edit popup position

Hello, If I scroll down in a view module and click the edit link the edit popup window shows at the bottom of the page. See Picture. I've upgraded to the latest release of DNN 08.00.04 (226). I've tried with other skins but the problem remains. Yes, I …

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Don't refresh list when closing edit popup window

Hello, I have a list in a view module and a link for each row to an edit module. The edit module opens up in a popup window. If I close the popup window without doing any change to the data I don't want to refresh the list in the view module. Is there …

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Why DotNetNuke Project Templates not support on Visual Studio 2015 Express?

As per " Visual Studio 2015 " is recommended for Module Development with MVC for DNN v8+. We are using Visual Studio 2015 Express for Web , Dnn.Mvc.Module.vsix not installed on it and it only requires …

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