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I am trying to upload the logo file here but it looks like logo, body background and favicon section are grey out and clicking does not takes control anywhere. I cannot drop any file to the location provided also.  This functionality was working …

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Having a port number in PortalAlias table redirects me to a URL containing that port

Hi Folks, Hope you can help. I have a DNN website (version 4.8.4 or something close to it), and I have a strange server setup, probably not worth getting into tbh. However, I want to be able to connect to the DNN website via port 1234, and all works well …

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How to upload image in DNN using HTML file upload control

Hi all, I am in the process of developing the registration module which has profile image upload functionality , I am using HTML file upload control with Web API to access database., can any one please share how to do file upload  in Code behind so …

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Can't load DotNetNuke (DNN) Install Wizard 07.04.00, Database Connection Error

Dear Sir/Mdm, We have encountered an issue with DNN installation using wizard does not load properly, and is missing some contorls. Please refer to the …

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How to set up wild card in ifinity url master module

I would like to add wild card in the ifinity url master module. Can you provide advice to achieve a wild card in the ifinity url master module. This is our requirement: Step 1: Create a page called "higher-education". And the set up the page redirect …

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