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Member Directory Filtering

I have a 7.3.3 install and the member directory filtering is not working. In group mode it just shows everyone! Anyone else seen this issue?

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Best option to manage SQL Data (Select, Insert, Update, Delete)

Hi we are developing a GPS site, right now we have: Data Base ready. Port listener ready. Last step of the project was final user web site screens, we want the best option can offer DNN to be able to make Select, Insert, Update, Delete into …

Author: juan Tarte
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HTML Editor customization - were are settings saved?

Hello,  I've customized some HTML editor settings (Host/HTML Editor Manager).  I'm seeing some unexpected results.  Where does DNN save this configuration information?

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petapoco Or linq?

can someone tell me about usage of PetaPoco Or Linq?  i want to start learning module developing and now need help to choose PetaPoco or Linq (using generic handler and json).  i know that the DNN using Petapoco in Version7+, but i want to …

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Cannot reset passwords

Hi We're running 07.03.03, and have imported the users from another site using Bulk User Manager. The password format is set to Encrypted. The import appears to have worked correctly as users are able to log in and use the site normally, however the …

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