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AppCrash on Security Testing

Hi, It has been observed that whenever we are running security scans on our website which is hosted in DNN7.4.1 version, Application Started and Web Server Updated event starts getting logged very frequently. This impacts the performance of the site, …

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DNN Developers in Australia

Guys I am need of a DNN developer in Sydney Australia. I have a colleague who needs resources and I can't spare the time myself. Any suggestions?

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member directory not paging

i'm using 7.4.2 I'm utilizing the member directory module. I currently have 14 members displaying but I have more than that. In the settings for the module in "Paging Options" I have unchecked disable paging and page size set to 20. I would expect there …

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Disable Default DNN Authentication?

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Author: rudgr
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Upgrade newtonsoft.json for SendGrid API

Hi, I'm trying to integrate a web API (SendGrid) that depends on newtonsoft.json v9, but if I replace the v4.5 assembly that comes with DNN 7.4, it appears to break the ribbon bar. It is no longer possible to enter edit mode. When I click the button to …

Author: aldeng
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