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Upgrade DNN from 06.02.05 to 07.03.03

Hi, I want to upgrade DNN from 6.02.05 to 7.03.03. Can any one suggest success path to 7.03.03  upgradation.Is there a direct way to upgrade or should i go in phases.Has anyone upgraded from  6.02.05 to 7.03.03. It will be helpfull if you can …

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How do I make a page in the master site accessible from the child sites?

My situation is that I have a FAQ that I want to put into 10+ child sites. My problem is that I would have to manually insert it into every child site. If I did that, it would mean that I would also have to update each FAQ in each child site every time I …

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Journal Default Visibility

I have a private social group and within it I would like the visibility of Journal entries to default to Private setting instead of it always being  Everyone. RIght now the group members must remember to set visibility to Private every time …

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Password reset does not work when username=email address

Hello, I have found something that looks like a bug. I have been able to reproduce in a clean 7.4 installation. This is what I did: 1. Changed to use username as email address. Try to do a password reset. It prompts you to enter the email address but as …

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Custom Portal Settings

I am writing a new module using the Christoc Templates for DNN 7 CE.  I wanted to have some default Portal Settings for my extension, so that when somebody sets their Module instance scope settings, there will be default values.  I was able to …

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