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unable to Uninstall the skin package in dnn evoq..!

How to delete complete installed skin package? I created skin for the evoq and installed it, but some modification i create other package with the same name and different version, but unable to install. the error are as below: Error loading files from …

Author: firoz
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Web api authentication

Hello, I am running a site on 7.1 and use the services framework to expose some functions. I'd like to make a simple app to connect to those services, but apparently I have to use digest authentication... and I couldn't figure out how to do it. First, is …

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Child portals and Google

hi all, I have a question related to how Child portals are crawled by google in DNN7XX We have a main site with a child portal under it holding a blog. But we have noticed a couple of things happening. 1) Although we have linked to the child portal from …

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How to edit content in evoq?

I am using Html pro module for editing content in "DNN evoq 8.1 content basic", but this is different in compare to DNN Community and DNN Plateform. Once edited content automatically added to the other section, So I am worry about this how to do the …

Author: firoz
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Facebook login with WebApi

I have Facebook login enabled into my site, and is working fine. Now Im developing a mobile app, and Im going to enable facebook login too. I need to know how to link authentication in mobile app and in web app throw web api. Anybody have any Idea about …

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