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DNN Error on Admin-->Site Settings and on Admin-->File Managements

Suddenly my DNN portal (DNN 7.3.4 and IIS 7.5), when i navigate on Admin-->Site Settings return this error: Error: Site Settings is currently unavailable. DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: Multiple controls with the same ID …

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Developer needed: our dnn 7.4 site is down

our site went down due to avt redirect evaluation module. they offer no support except paid. We restored the backup, but somthing is wrong and the site will not come up. our host, godaddy is useless. We have backups everyday for the past 90 days. When …

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DNN 7.3.4 - Weird page permissions issue

I upgraded a copy of an old site from 5.6.3 to 7.3.4 (with a couple of upgrades in between).  Everything seems to be ok, but I'm running into a weird issue with page permissions, and I wonder if anyone else has seen this.  The problem I'm …

Author: jcounts
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Can you set permissions on articles in the Publisher module

When we publish articles in the Publisher module... is there a way to control permissions on a per article basis? For example, I have an article that I only want users with a specific role to be able to see for all other users I don't want them to be …

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Issue after upgrading - Solpart menu missing in DNN 8.0

Hi there, The upgrade process completes successfully but the new platform 8 is not compatible with the previous theme which was built for 7.4. Is there any way we can get Solpart menu back in v8 as it was the core process of the previous platform. …

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