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Am a new user in DNN and wanted to know the best way to do 301 redirects from my old site.

301 Redirects

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Lock down my DNN blog page

I have a blog on my website.  I also have a CartViper Shopping Cart on my site.  I want to force people to register on my site and pay an annual subscription to read my blogs.  Can you let me know the best way I can accomplish this?   …

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3 Answers
Best option to manage SQL Data (Select, Insert, Update, Delete)

Hi we are developing a GPS site, right now we have: Data Base ready. Port listener ready. Last step of the project was final user web site screens, we want the best option can offer DNN to be able to make Select, Insert, Update, Delete into …

Author: juan Tarte
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Required flag disappears despite blank text.

We have a custom module that uses  asp:RequiredFieldValidator to ensure the user enters text in the required fields. This has been working great under DNN 6. We recently upgrade to DNN 7 and noticed that now, you can just click in the text box and …

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LiveID no longer working on DNN 6.02.09 site

Up until a few weeks ago LiveID worked on our site. No changes have been made yet we now get an error when logging on that states. "A critical error has occurred. server_error". The site is . You can try to logon to see the problem. …

Author: Paul Hall
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