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Having a port number in PortalAlias table redirects me to a URL containing that port

Hi Folks, Hope you can help. I have a DNN website (version 4.8.4 or something close to it), and I have a strange server setup, probably not worth getting into tbh. However, I want to be able to connect to the DNN website via port 1234, and all works well …

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What do language packages do?

Hi, I've recently discovered that DNN cannot automatically translate pages from one language to another. In my case, I'd like to translate from English to German. If so, what are language packages for? Thank you.

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Upgrade from 7.4.2 to 8 to neXt

I'd like to know if a direct upgrade will be possible from 7 to 8 then from 8 to neXT. If not than how about some migration tools? It would suck big time if I had to transfer all content manually and rebuild all my sites from scratch in order to use …

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404 Error on login popup after clean new install 7.3

I have an existing DNN installation on Windows Server 2008 -- works fine.  I created a new folder and database for a new instance of DNN (can't be a portal as it will eventually move to a different server) and ran a full install of 7.3. After …

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Grade F on Add Expires headers

Hello Community, I've been trying to optimize my sites for faster load times and im getting a Grade F on Add Expires headers on YSlow. I've added "Expire Web Content" after 8days on IIS  Added .css, .gif. .jpg, .png, .js extensions with "User …

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