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NotFound - RawURL:/profilepic.ashx?

Hello!  I keep seeing this error in my event viewer. Some users are able to upload the profile pictures but they do not show up anywhere and some users just see a empty "text" like input which does not option to upload/select a profile pic.  …

Author: Frozen DNN
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DropDown boxes

I recently upgraded a 4.08.04 dnn site to a 7.04.00.  With a great bite of effort I got the original skins to load, but the dropdown menu boxes don't work, Is there a provider that I should install in the Advanced Configuration Settings? Thank you.

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Problem with LinkedIn Authorization Provider

Hi! I am trying to develop a LinkedIn Authorization Provider with OAuth2 module. The web shows the LinkedIn page login. The problem occurs when I click the login button, dnn says an internal error has occured. The log page of my dnn application shows: …

Author: maco maco
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NodeSelector on DNN Menu

I have 1 parent page with 3 children About (page id 126) >Mission Statement >Directors >Board Members I want to display this entire node in the skin using the DNN menu skin object. So I use the NodeSelector method. So I target the About page and …

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Development tools for DNN NeXt?

are there any development tools for dnn next, such as developer guides, sdk, etc?

Author: tony bonn
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