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dnn:DnnDatePicker and dnn:dnngrid not working in DNN 9

I have recently upgraded to DNN 9 and despite being told by DNN on Facebook that there are no breaking changes in DNN 9, multiple modules are no longer working. They both display correctly to the user, but the edit screens for both do not work, showing …

Author: Chris Cook
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This is new to me: PathDuplicateWithAlias - There has a site domain same with your page path

What in the world does that mean? :D All I can tell you as far as details go is that I once created a page called "Support" and deleted that page because I got an error on it and figured I would try to start with a clean slate. After deleting that page …

Author: j hollis
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Different Logout Redirect for Specific Pages or Skins

We're using DNN 7.0 and the standard Login skin object. Is there a way to set the Logout redirect URL on a page-by-page basis? Or at the skin-level We have a primary logout redirect that should remain as-is, but for a specific set of pages would like …

Author: Matt Kamen
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DNN 9 - Super User vs Admin

We are new to DNN, currently evaluating v9. I've got the DNN platform installed. I used the manual instal process and not the web installer due to other issues during install process. The install process setup an id under the Administrator information …

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MVC File Upload

Hi, What it the best and recommend way to upload files with mvc module in dnn 9? Thanks

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