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HI, I have a problem with File Management in DNN 7.4.1

In my using DNN 7.4.1 with VS2010. in my local host its working fine. If i deploy in my server, first i get 404 error then i am change my urlFormat to humanfriendly. After that its working fine, but if i go FileManagement …

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DDRMENU NodeSelector Localization

Hi, is there any way how to use DRRMENU with specified NodeSelector in skin file of localized page? I have something like this in my skin file:  <dnn:MENU ID="siteMenu" MenuStyle="siteMenu" NodeSelector="103" IncludeHidden="true" …

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Unable to reset any passwords - 7.1.2

Huge issue here with 7.1.2 - Users can't reset password. They can request a reset, follow the link, enter the new password and are given the error "Failed to reset password - either the username/token combination is invalid, or the token has expired." …

Author: Jack Hoelz
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Error when saving host settings: Email Address is invalid

The email address is valid. I have tested it against the regular expression stored in the host setting "Security_EmailValidation" which is: \b[a-zA-Z0-9._%-+']+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}\b I am now unable to update my host settings because of this …

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Display days left in role

Hello Community, Is it possible to display how many days any given account has left on their role if it's set to expire in 1year. Off course everyone's would be different I just want to be able to show them 300 days left etc... in a countdown timer or …

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