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File search - "Re-index Content" - How to make it schedule job

Our site is heavily leveraging file search facility. File search crawler is configured to runs on every 10 minutes. Now, there is a new requirement to perform full re-index once in a day. This is only doable through manual intervention (Search Admin => …

Author: MOL IT
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Can't delete file form "File Management"

Suddenly I can't delete file form DNN file management any more. It throws following error " The underlying system threw an exception. The file has not been deleted." I am using DNN version 07.01.01 Can any one please help me.

Author: MOL IT
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Evoq8's HTML Pro Module eliminates glyphicons character

I inserted the following HTML tags in the Evoq8's HTML Pro Module,  <div><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-globe" aria-hidden="true"></span>XXXXXXXX</div> Apparently, the module eliminated the <span> …

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Session time out issue

Hi, When session gets timeout after certain time interval.if I click on back button on browser,page is not redirected to loging page but to 'You do not have access to this page' message is displayed. I am new to DNN.please suggest me on this.

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Event Viewer log entry "user deleted"

How could it be possible, that i find  event viewer log entry "user deleted", but user registriation is disabled in this portal? No one should be able to register and now one should be able to delete user.....

Author: Richard
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