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no response on pressing Recycle Bin

when I press on RecycleBin in Admin page it doesn't empty the files. and even if I select one by one. is there a way to delete it from database.

Author: hani damis
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In Dnn 7 Can we search by 2 characters, for eg: in this site: client wants to search by 4G but its showing no result found.

Author: rohini jad
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Website not found - dev Laptop

Hi,  This is as much an IIS question as it is a DNN question.  I have few development sites on my laptop that I haven't accessed in some time.  When I try to access these local websites now, I get a Page Can't Be Displayed error in IE …

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iframe query string parameter persistence in navigation

I'm building a DNN site that will both stand alone on the web and be placed inside an iFrame on multiple other customers websites. (think re-branding). When inside an iframe, in a customer's site, I want my site to use a different, cleaner  …

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Bad Request - Invalid Verb when installing a module

Hi all, I am trying to install Onyaktech's Ninja Backup module to a site running DNN 7.4. When I try to unzip the package however, I either see a 'Connection was reset' or 'Bad Request - Invalid Verb' error. Onyaktech suggested increasing the file upload …

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