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Twerking GRAVITY SKIN from Block to full

Hello,  Anyone familiar with GRAVITY SKIN? I'm trying to twerk it from the default block background to a full background. I cant seem to find where to do so amidt the numerous codes

Author: Femi Buroh
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How can I change the orientation of a photo in an article?

I have a portrait orientation photo displaying in landscape orientation (sideways) and need to edit this. I am unable to locate any settings in the editor that address this.

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Using HTML file upload in DNN7

 I am using HTML file Upload control in my registration form Module,I am starter to DNN I came to Know that to upload the File or user Profile Image is depend on Files and userprofile tables in Database, So I need the code behind functionality to …

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Bootstrap Row Based Design Module

Hi, We're looking to change our site to a responsive (Bootstrap) row-based design. Kind of like this random example - We want to have content editors be able to choose a row template that they like out of multiple …

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DNN Module Development and Visual Studio Online Source Control

We have aTeam Project in Visual Studio Online Source Control which consists of multiple Modules under one solution. We have checked in the Specific Module Folders in the DesktopModules Folder into the Team Project. When we branch a Module …

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