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View / Edit Profile Properties by Role

Hello Is there a way to allocated the visibility/edit-ability of profile properties based on role? We have a members website with Buyers & Sellers and we wish to record some different information for each as well as some common information. Obviously …

Author: Ed Mesiter
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How to Disable New User Registration Confirmation Email

Hello, How does one disable the New User Registration Confirmation email in DNN? Thanks

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How can i change HTML+CSS template to dnn template..?

Please provide me a full tutorial.

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PRO license activation issue in DEV environment

Hi, Currently we are using DNN 5.6.0 in production and we are planning to upgrade latest DNN version. For that I took the copy of QA environment to set up a DEV environment. After setting up DEV environment, while accessing application I got a message …

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Issue with Adding new Roles in upgraded DNN from 6.5.2 to 7.3.2 hangs up

Hi All, I have upgraded DNN from 6.5.2 to 7.3.2 The jquey is upgrade to 1.9.1and jquery UI version are upgraded 1.10.3, and  jquery.migrate to 1.2.1 version But the site started throwing error in Js file so had to rollback to 1.8.3 version for …

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