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multiple domains on one dnn instance

Is it possible to have multiple domains like to host in one instance? so both domain can share everything inside of DNN as well as the MS SQL database? Thanks,

Author: Ricky Yu
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Invalid object name 'dbo.Journal_PermittedJournalIDs'

@Sebastian after run turboscript the journal pages has the following error: InnerMessage:Invalid object name 'dbo.Journal_PermittedJournalIDs'. InnerStackTrace: at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean …

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Need IP Address of Hosting Server

our current website was created many years ago by an IT company that is no longing working with dnn. Our website is down and out because GoDaddy changed the IP address. The website was initially set up with a forward to a dnn site but …

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User Profile Updates in DNN 7.4.2

The UpdateUserProfile methon in the ProfileController has changed in DNN 7.4.2 and it is not wokring with our custom profile provider anymore. The new code (in ProfileController.cs) publicstaticvoidUserInfo { if { return } var user …

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Issue in DNN Folder's Content Staging

Hello, I have create a folder in my development website using file management module. when i try to migrate the folder to production website using Content Staging module its shows error. The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint …

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