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Expanding Information in Account Profiles in DNN

Hi, Currently, from what I can see, DNN does not support adding additional fields to account profiles. Is there a way to create more fields? I'm trying to add a "Company" field to account profiles. I'm running 7.1.2. Below is a list of all the fields …

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How to Change the Text Labels for Login Page

Can someone direct me to where I can change the text label "Username" on the log in page? It's located on the pop-up log in window. I've tried to locate it under Admin > Languages but I was not able to find it. Can this text be changed? DNN 7.0.x Thanks

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DNN 7.3.4 - Weird page permissions issue

Backup your database. Download and run the following file in Host > SQL: You need to restart DNN afterwards. if this doesn't fix your issue, perform the same with the following file: http://dnnscript …

Author: jcounts
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DNN 8.0.0 CKEditor - No SOURCE Line Wrapping?

I've got several upgraded version 8 sites that behave similarly. The CK Editor with the default DNNConnect.CKE does NOT wrap lines when viewed in SOURCE mode. The CKEditor Provider Config Manager has a configuration option for "CodeMirror - …

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Javascript error

One I open page permission tab for any page in my DNN site it will prompt an error message call " Default.aspx?__U=1461820909481:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null " and source in " could you please tell me what is the meaning …

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