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Issue deleting a portal from system...get the following error

ModuleId :321 ModuleDefId :63 FriendlyName :Site Management ModuleControlSource :DesktopModules/Admin/Portals/Portals.ascx AssemblyVersion :7.3.1 PortalID :3 PortalName :vvvvvv UserID :1 UserName :host ActiveTabID :17 ActiveTabName :Site …

Author: Roy Barrow
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Add Item to Admin Ribbon Bar

Good Day, On Module Installation i want to add a link under the admin ribbon bar, that will link to my module.  please help :-).

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Issue in Admin File Manager module?

Hi Team, Admin--> File Manager Root Folder -->Right Click --> View Folder Properties is not working throwing  Server Error in '/' Application. Any one help me to resolve this issue.

Author: Gopinath
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Great Hosting for DotNetNuke Site?

Dear All, I have been advised to post my question here and I'm sorry if I post it on wrong section. I need a hosting for a new DotNetNuke web site, it must have ASP.NET 4.5 preferable IIS 7, must be able to run MVC 4 web sites, have a MS SQL Database, …

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Menu template that only shows the next and previous pages

I want to create a "next page" and "previous page" navigation. For example, I would have a page structure that looks like this: Our Work > Customer 1 > Customer 2 > Customer 3 > Customer 4 > Customer 5 When the user is viewing …

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