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Problem using JavaScript

Hello! I need help. I am doing a module, and I need to use a JavaScript functions. My problem is that JavaScript doesn't recognise ASP controls' ID. I wrote in the .js file this: var str = document.getElementById('<%=eti.ClientID %>').value; and it …

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Customizing the registration page in DNN7 accepting only the required filed

Created a new profile property, I need to include this in my registration page, when the required and visible option is checked the field is displaying in my registration page,meanwhile when the required field is unchecked and visibility is checked …

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How do atenticar DNN with LDAP Active Directory on Windows ?

I am implementing an application in DNN but I want to authenticate Active Directory users and do not like it, I am novice user please help

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Is there a way to only apply CSS to a certain section of DNN?

Hello DNN. I created an interactive diagram using JQuery UI. When I load in a new instance of JQuery UI CSS into the page, it breaks DNN's UI (because it too is dependent on JQuery UI CSS); however, when I don't load in a new instance of JQuery UI CSS, …

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Is there a way to use multiple jQuery UI themes on a single Page?

Hello DNN, In my jQuery UI I'm using a dialog box that I would like themed differently than DNN's dialog boxes. How can I apply a custom theme to these dialog boxes without interfering with DNN's themes? I'm using DNN 7.1.2. I read the below article …

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