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How to add photo property in custom registration form

Hi all, I need to include a photo profile property which has image datatype in my custom registration form, In registration setting I have selected custom registration form type and in registration field while typing photo it is not …

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DDR Menu - Show children if has children, otherwise show siblings

Hi All, How can a ddr menu be configured to show children if a page has them, but show siblings if it doesn't?  Several of my Level 2 pages have child pages that I would like to show in the side nav, but just as many second level pages do …

Author: Kelly D
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How to upload image in DNN using HTML file upload control

Hi all, I am in the process of developing the registration module which has profile image upload functionality , I am using HTML file upload control with Web API to access database., can any one please share how to do file upload  in Code behind so …

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nullreference exception when using the ModuleController.GetModule(int moduleid) method

My code does the following                 DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules.ModuleController moduleController = new DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules.ModuleController(); if (moduleController != null) { var requestedModule = …

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Responsive Tables

Hello DNN, What is the best way to create responsive tables in DNN 7? It needs to be assumed that the people maintaining these tables know nothing about CSS and HTML, however, they will be able to create tables using the HTML module's WYSIWYG. Running 7 …

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