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Database connection failed - must restart the site

I got a 7.3.2 dnn website, already running since  some years; in the last weeks,  i started to receive an error "DNN site unaivailable" or "connection to database failed"; i must restart IIS site every time. I noticed this happen when i manage …

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Updating a skin

I'm adding a new layout to my existing skin.  I simply copied an existing ascx and changed the unique HTML and then uploaded it to the skin directory on the server  The template is showing up under Admin > Skins, but when I apply it to …

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System.InvalidCastException: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.

Hello,  I am experiencing a ton of these errors. I recently upgraded to DNN 7.3.3 to see if it helped, but it has not. I get 1 every minute and my Event Viewer is full of them.  AssemblyVersion:7.3.3 PortalID:-1 PortalName: UserID:-1 UserName: …

Author: L P
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Events Calendar Module by Invenmanager

Does anyone know what happened to I need support for our Events Calendar module. We upgraded our web server. Our license no longer works. I don't see how to buy a new license to get the site back up again. 

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Pages losing their Page Settings randomly & by themselves

For a strange reason random pages starting from the Home page and going on through the "page tree" of my portal are losing their All Users - alone ! - setting and they becoming unavailable to anyone ! I'm setting them back to all users setting …

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