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dnn 7 module developer sdk?

are there any tools, frameworks, templates, guides etc for developing dnn 7 modules? dnn website says to use visual studio and the web application model - the most useless, lame, and effete bit of non-advice if ever there were any. is there a dnn …

Author: tony bonn
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DNN 7 Dal 2 Clear cache for object based on SQL view

Hello, I have a dnn 7 dal 2 module and I need to have the cache reset for a chacheable object that is based on a Sql DB View when one of the underlying tables is updated. For example, the view is based on table/petapoco object Table1 and Table2 …

Author: Jordan
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Configure Evoq Social Community Dashboard

Does anyone know how to configure the Community Dashboard?  I installed Evoq Social and see the Community Dashboard module. The documentation has lots of information about the Dashboard, but nothing about how to access and configure it.  When I …

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is there a way to enable postbacks?

Hi, After I upgrade from 4.09.05 all post backs stopped working. Thinking that upgrading to even higher versions would solve the problem, I upgraded all the way to 07.03.04 but no luck... Now I can't even go to host settings or admin settings from the …

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Greek search is not working in 7.3.4

When searching for "ασφ" you can see that you are directed correctly to "/Search-Results-en/Search/ασφ" but you get this "ασφ" shown in the search box and no results... using DNN 10 years, never saw that! It seems it is working perfectly in English …

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