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multilanguage website, error on culture neutral page

Hi, In my multilanguage site DNN 7.3.4 when I have a culture neutral page (even empty one), it show correctly  using the link of default language but show an error if I go on a another …

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Admin menu not working well after upgrade to 7.3

Hi guys, I have a site that I've upgraded first to 7.3.3 (from DNN 5 something), and now to 7.3.4. The problem is that the admin menu is not working with the skin I am using (Optimum). If I change to for instance Users/Mange roles I can use the admin …

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2 different menu items in the web site

Hello, I have a web site which I have to use 2 different menu items in the web site. I mean the Home, Contact us and About us it uses a  Horizontal menu. and the other pages uses vertical menu with a different menu items. so how to choose this …

Author: hani damis
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SiteMap Issue - DNN 7.3.4

My website is in a fresh DNN 7.3.4. The site map was working. But now it is not loading from a week. I cleared cache and changed settings and checked. But no luck. Please can you help me? This is what I can see in the sitemap.aspxc page. This XML file …

Author: Y Ma
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What would cause the error "An item with the same key has already been added."?

Some time around 1am last night our production site generated three separate exception errors. Because the site is inaccessible I checked dbo.EventLog to see if anything was recorded and nothing. There have been no attempts to upgrade and no changes to …

Author: Kyle Hagel
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