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How to implement Facebook,Gmail login in DNN

I want to implement Social sign in facility in my DNN portal.I have implemented the Facebook login,but the issue is,i can login successfully but while log out form the site Face book session is not logging out hence it again logs in to the site. For …

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Active Directory

Did the Active Directory links change on 7.04.  I need to set up active directory but can't find it on the new site.  Thanks!

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Active Directory Log in

My old 4.0 site automatically logs users in, I copied that site to a new server and upgraded the site to 7.5.  I can't seem to find the active directory settings page.  Do I have to install a new extension?  Lost...

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How to make UTM strings work on interior (child) pages?

Hi all, DNN 07.03.01 X3 DNN URL Management 14.10.23 I have set up UTM strings to work properly on the website in question, so that the special characters in the UTM string are not rewritten. For example: http://www.napoleongrills …

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HOw to enable Vanity URLs in DNN 7.4

Hi, I have migrated off URL Master on to the core functionality and use vanity URLs no longer work. eg The functionality should be enabled as per All …

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