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How can i allow a social group member upload images and files?

How can i allow a social group member upload images and files to that group? Currently only admins are able to add attachments to a post. Any hints or tips very welcome.... Thanks, Ben

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How to resolve "Parser Error" during final DNN platform instalation.

I’m still having an issue with the DNN platform install and appears to be software related. Here’s the error I get during the final installation; I’ve tried several attempts on a clean machine but get same issue. Is there a fix for this? Any assistance …

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How to fix Upgrade error (DB script / SqlDataProvider)

I am currently running DNN 07.00.06 and trying to update to the newest version. (I tried a few, all result in the error below) Running the update I get this error for all the DB Scripts: Executing Script:07.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 07.01.00 …

Author: Anna Naam
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Site Manager Error

I created a new website (portal) on my DNN server. When I try to delete it, I get the error below. Can anyone help me resolve this issue and get that website portal deleted? ADB Error: Site Management is currently unavailable. DotNetNuke.Services …

Author: Alex Byrd
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Editing New User Email Notification sent to Admin - links broken

I have been looking everywhere and need help please! I'm fairly new to DNN and I can't see to find where the fields in the email I receive can be edited. Example, my logo doesn't show where it has [LOGOURL]. I found all these tags when I went to edit it …

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