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DDR Menu - Show children if has children, otherwise show siblings

Hi All, How can a ddr menu be configured to show children if a page has them, but show siblings if it doesn't?  Several of my Level 2 pages have child pages that I would like to show in the side nav, but just as many second level pages do …

Author: Kelly D
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Web Browser Compatibility

Where on the site can we find the minimum web browser compatibility?  I can only find installation system requirements .  One would think that browser compatibility would be in the same place, or at least a link to it... I know there are blogs and forum …

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dynamic Paypal payments

Hello Community, I'm looking for a module that can charge clients a [token] value amount. I'm not sure thats the correct way of doing this. Basically I have users on my DNN site that have been entered into a contract with a set price of their account …

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Need http to https redirect to be 301 and not 302

Hi, In an effort to enhance our SEO we switched to 100% https pages. We did this by going to Admin > Site Settings > Advanced Settings > SSL Settings and set the the "SSL Enabled" tick box to yes and the "SSL Enforced" tick box to yes. We also …

Author: jeffro1477
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Best practice to get module path

hi, i d like to know which is the best way to get module path. I ve read that ModulePath was deprecated. Thank's

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