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Stopping Q&A Module Schdule

I tried to install Q&A module but uninstalled it back when I realized it wasnt functioning. However I keep getting its event failure on my event log as follows:  THREAD ID :3 TYPE :DotNetNuke.DNNQA.Components.Tasks.Emailer, DotNetNuke.Modules …

Author: Femi Buroh
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Html Module added twice in same pane it doesnot show management icons for previous moule??

I have dnn6.2 setup. When I add html module in one pane i am able to add edit or delete content. second time i add html module again in same pane I am able add edit or delete content. but I am not able edit content of previous module.It does not show …

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Truncate table eventlog

when I run this command Truncatetable eventlog I got the following Cannot truncate table 'eventlog' because it is being referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.

Author: hani damis
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Having a port number in PortalAlias table redirects me to a URL containing that port

Hi Folks, Hope you can help. I have a DNN website (version 4.8.4 or something close to it), and I have a strange server setup, probably not worth getting into tbh. However, I want to be able to connect to the DNN website via port 1234, and all works well …

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Verified Registration Error

A major problem on my site now is the registration. I use a verified regsitration process and once a user registers, it writes the friendly error: registration is not availble but it registers the user and it doesnt send the user an email to verify …

Author: Femi Buroh
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