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redirect after login

Hey Guys, I just updated from version 7.2.1 to 8.0.4 and have some trouble with the redirect after login. Essentially when I login and try to access the admin menu I'll get redirected to the page as if I would login. No when I reset the …

Author: nilsh
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Display message/popup only once per user

Hello Community, I'm creating a community online where i'd like to display a welcome message to a new user but only once. I'm thinking of doing this at the user profile but am not sure of how to make it only appear once per user. Or possibly adding the …

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html editor in DNN8

Is there a way to have skin CSS render inside the new CKEditor in DNN8? Often my html editor in design mode displays nothing but my html/css code in HTML view is there. I'm using mostly DNNGO skins.

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Accessing Regions/Countries table to populate drop down field.

Hello DNNers, I'm using ActionGrid & ActionForm to build a directory of businesses. I'm entering business listings into my own custom table and so far i've imported quite a few records from excel through SQL MS but the states/regions & …

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google profile

Hello Community! I want to to add social media links to your google profile , I need to copy and paste the script below into the head or body of my webpages. where should place this script? Thank you

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