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module install issue on azure?

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue when installing module packages on DNN 7.4.0 on Azure: Access to the path 'D:\Windows\system32\.dnn' is denied I installed this module package on my local dnn 7.4.0 hosting environment and it works fine …

Author: rudgr
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Modules and centralized databases

Hello DNN, I'd like to update an existing website to use DNN. The website interacts with a centralized database therefore I'd like all data to be inserted, updated and retrieved from there. How can I install a module (e.g. shopping …

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Load Page Exception after upgrade to 7.4.0

After 7.4.0 upgrade I receive this error every time i try to open module settings ( it fails) on every page: ------------------------------ AbsoluteURL :/Default.aspx DefaultDataProvider :DotNetNuke.Data.SqlDataProvider, DotNetNuke ExceptionGUID …

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Upgrade Failure from 6.2.9 to all Iterations of 7.x. Please Help

Hello DNN, My goal is to upgrade from 6.2.9 to 7.x, but I've been very unsuccessful. I attempted two upgrades from 6.2.9 to 7.1.1, and then from 6.2.9 to 7.1.2. Both times, DNN told me the upgrades were successful, but when I clicked "click here to view …

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Why "invalid verification code" when clicking link in User Verification email on DNN 07.03.01?

Hello, The site I am working on is build on DNN version 7.3.1 and uses the "Registration" module (NOT "Dynamic Registration") to handle user registration. Having recently changed the "User Account Settings" to "Verified", I find that the verification …

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