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DDN website too slow while adding new page

Hi, In our DNN7 website certain features are really slow like 1.When adding new page and choosing parent page it takes too long and never resolve. 2.While adding module from other pages same thing happens. I have already taken care of Performance Setting …

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Error: Security Roles is currently unavailable

I recently upgradedto DNN 7.3.When I go to "Admin> Security Roles", I receive the Error: SecurityRoles is currently unavailable.DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: Object reference not set toan instance of an object. ---> I have not tried …

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I am using this js code which make a confilct with the jquery in ddn 7

This is the code I use in the home page but it will make the edit function to stop . any way to avoid this. /*! Mailchimp Ajax Submit jQuery Plugin Author: Siddharth Doshi Use: === $('#form_id').ajaxchimp(options); - Form should have one <input> …

Author: hani damis
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In Dnn 7 Can we search by 2 characters, for eg: in this site: client wants to search by 4G but its showing no result found.

Author: rohini jad
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DNN6 vs DNN7 Speed Comparison

especially larger sites may benefit from improved database, see .

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