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Upload Files Larger than 30Mb

Hi, I have changed settings in 3 places that I know of: IIS Request Filtering: changed the max file upload setting to 300,000,000 (~293MB) System.Webserver: System.Web: maxRequestLength="51200" requestLengthDiskThreshold="28672" Still can't upload a …

Author: Peter Gray
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Cannot debug the DNN module

Hi everyone. I've created a new DNN module project using Christoc's template, followed all the steps (such as setting the project URL to http://mySite/desktopmodules/myModule), but my breakpoints do not work. Debugging is enabled from web.config. Could …

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DNN dev site keeps directing to Productions site.

We have been asked to update a DNN site. It is running DNN 6.01.05 on a Windows 2003 server. I made a copy of the content and backed up the database and then move the site to a new server. We gave the site a dev subdomain and added that to the portal …

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Private community

we would like to create enterprise social network within DNN. Once a franchisee is logged in they have a place to share ideas, rant, rave, but all in a private contained location. We dont want them doing this on Facebook etc.. Can the latest version …

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Error loading menu

Hi , I am getting below error when i host application on server , i have set full permission to all user including app pool and also checked that folders are in place, as i am not getting this error locally its difficult to figure out what exactly the …

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