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Menu template that only shows the next and previous pages

I want to create a "next page" and "previous page" navigation. For example, I would have a page structure that looks like this: Our Work > Customer 1 > Customer 2 > Customer 3 > Customer 4 > Customer 5 When the user is viewing …

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How to delete anchor 'CMS By DNN' in footer

Hello, At the bottom of the homepage, There is an anchor that says 'CMS By DNN' which links to the DNN homepage.  How do i delete it?

Author: Anonymous
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Authentication Required popup in DNN 7

You should change web.config file and write in the modules section some codes... name="FormsAuthentication" /> type="System.Web.Security.FormsAuthenticationModule" preCondition="" /> some codes...end of modules section

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I need to create a form that will allow visitors to upload a file.

Hello - I'm working with a couple of HR sites. They need their job candidates to be able to upload a resume with the application form. I usually use F&L, but there is no option for uploading files. Can anyone advise me of a solution?

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DNN 7.4 URL failure

Hello Community, I'm running into an issue on the DNN 7.4 platform. I keep getting general exception errors. Every once in awhile my site starts showing up as an error page. Temporarily I delete my browser cache and can see my site again. I've looked on …

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