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Twerking GRAVITY SKIN from Block to full

Hello,  Anyone familiar with GRAVITY SKIN? I'm trying to twerk it from the default block background to a full background. I cant seem to find where to do so amidt the numerous codes

Author: Femi Buroh
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Responsive Tables

Hello DNN, What is the best way to create responsive tables in DNN 7? It needs to be assumed that the people maintaining these tables know nothing about CSS and HTML, however, they will be able to create tables using the HTML module's WYSIWYG. Running 7 …

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I am trying to upload the logo file here but it looks like logo, body background and favicon section are grey out and clicking does not takes control anywhere. I cannot drop any file to the location provided also.  This functionality was working …

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DNN WebAPI (Services Framework), Getting periodic Server Error

Hello all! Environment: DNN v7.3.4 .NET v4.0 Using AngularJS This is a big tricky to explain, and I've attached a screenshot. I'm working on localhost and I have a module that loads data via $http get with AngularJS, calling DNN WebAPI. I'm using …

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User Accounts Module

Hello DNN community, Is is possible to allow a non-administrative account access to a "new" instance of the user-accounts module in which they can add accounts under a common identifier but not see all accounts spanning my entire site? I have a client …

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