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Is there a way to use multiple jQuery UI themes on a single Page?

Hello DNN, In my jQuery UI I'm using a dialog box that I would like themed differently than DNN's dialog boxes. How can I apply a custom theme to these dialog boxes without interfering with DNN's themes? I'm using DNN 7.1.2. I read the below article …

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Is there a way to only apply CSS to a certain section of DNN?

Hello DNN. I created an interactive diagram using JQuery UI. When I load in a new instance of JQuery UI CSS into the page, it breaks DNN's UI (because it too is dependent on JQuery UI CSS); however, when I don't load in a new instance of JQuery UI CSS, …

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workarround for template import in dnn 7.4?

Importing a custom site template while creating a new site in DNN 7.4 produces an error. I posted this issue to the development team. It seems to be resolved as soon as DNN 7.4.1. Does anybody have a workaround for importing a custom template in 7.4? …

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Html Pro Module and tag

I have an html pro module that generates a save error whenever I put a <form> tag in the html code. Any ideas why, and how I fix it?

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Parent Site created in Site Management List but no files added to wwwroot

Hi I'm trying to create a parent site in Evoq 8. When I add the site via the host -> site management page, the new site shows up in the list, however, no files are added to the site's wwwroot folder. The park.htm page renders and there is no default …

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