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Can't access version 8 of Evoq

Hi, I was told that version 8 of Evoq would be availible to customers who have a subscription. Having paid this I thought this would include me. I just end up in a never ending circle on the DNN website. This is my journey: 1.  http://www …

Author: Dan Finn
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UDT Sorting in Razor

Can anyone help me with UDT sorting?  I would like to be able to sort by a column like Date DESC @{ int moduleId = ******; int tabId = *******; var ds = (new UserDefinedTableController(moduleId, tabId, new UserInfo())).GetDataSet(true); } …

Author: Jeff Straw
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Mobile-Friendly Robots.txt & DNN

I'm new to DNN and could use some help on a robots.txt question. I know how robots.txt works in theory, but I'm on new to how it works specifically within DNN. So, as you may or may not have heard, starting in April, Google will be changing their mobile …

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Will .ascx skins work in DNN 8? Will I have to switch to skin tokens instead?

Hello DNN, The question basically sums its up. In this post , a member says that DNN 8 will be moving away from ascx skinning. Does this mean that .ascx skins will no longer work in DNN 8? I'm trying to create a skin that won't become legacy (or use …

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How Can I handle Custom Logic to show and hide DNN DDR Menu Items ??

I have my own application custom logic which I'd like to use it to show and Hide DDR Menu Items ..So any suggestions about how to perform this related logic ?? Note: I'm using the default DNN Menu which is DDR Menu and My DNN Portal Version is 7.1.2

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