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The User profile picture cannot be loaded from the User profile page

I'm using DNN community edition version 07.03.02 (109). Users cannot upload a picture to their profile. If I login as a super user I can load the picture to a profile with no problems.

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DNN5: Register Directives and Including JS and CSS files in

Hello Everyone, I'm having a lot of problems trying to make a responsive skin using Bootstrap 3 in DNN5. To be specific: How do you include extra JS and CSS files such that they appear in the <head> tag? I've tried using the following, however DNN …

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Tracking down issues in a slow resource intensive DNN instance the

I'm hosting around 30 DNN instances on my server. Most of them consume 150-200MB of RAM and perform great. But one of them, that gets very little traffic and has no different modules than any other instance, is consuming between 500-1400MB and can …

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A critical error has occurred. Please check the Event Viewer for further details

hello I am new module developer . i create a module and have a problem when install it on dnn. A critical error has occurred. Please check the Event Viewer for further details AssemblyVersion :7.3.4 PortalID :0 PortalName :My Website UserID :1 …

Author: s4lish
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upgrade 4.4.1 to 7.x - any special considerations???

I've been tasked with migrating a v4.4.1 DNN site to current release. I am new to DNN so in looking at the documentation and release notes I don't see anything special in terms of the migration path/process. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Author: Gary Lyon
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