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Error: Task Module is currently unavailable.

Hello, I am fairly new to developing and dnn. I am was following a tutorial on DotNetNuke Module Development from Pluralsight by Charles Nurse. I downloaded the Exercise files from the site ( 4-dotnetnuke-module-development …

Author: Mike G
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how can I remove linkclick.asp url from ddr menu

I have configured with external link. but its pre-appended with linkclick.aspx. resulting in "This webpage has a redirect loop"

Author: Zubin Raja
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Greek search is not working in 7.3.4

When searching for "ασφ" you can see that you are directed correctly to "/Search-Results-en/Search/ασφ" but you get this "ασφ" shown in the search box and no results... using DNN 10 years, never saw that! It seems it is working perfectly in English …

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dnn modules not appearing in Add Module

after upgrading to dnn 7.3.4, most of my modules are missing from the drop down list of the Add Modules interface. they appear in the extensions list, but not in the drop down to add a module to a page. how do I get them to populate, or if it is a …

Author: tony bonn
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7.3.4 Upgrade Fails with Menu Rendering Disaster

i tried upgrading from dnn 7.1.2 to 7.3.4... after the upgrade the menus do not render. instead, dnn shows the menu items as text in tree format along the left hand side of the page with hyperlinks. the content of the page is shown strewn all over below …

Author: tony bonn
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