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Pop ups blocked with Telerik radGrid

On DNN 6.2.9/Visual Studio 2008 I have developed 2 modules, each opens Edit controls in a popup. Module1 has 4 image buttons - each opens a different Edit control. Module2 contains a Telerik radGrid, and it opens the Edit control from a …

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workarround for template import in dnn 7.4?

Importing a custom site template while creating a new site in DNN 7.4 produces an error. I posted this issue to the development team. It seems to be resolved as soon as DNN 7.4.1. Does anybody have a workaround for importing a custom template in 7.4? …

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which table for social events details?

Does anyone know which table for social events details such as titles and descriptions? I try to create a custom module to display last X number events with Title and time. I couldn't find the table store these info. Thanks

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Admin pages - 500 Internal server error

Hi all, After recently installing the iFinity URL Master module in order to fix a problem I have been having with the News Articles, it seems that something in my new web.config file is stopping me from being to access any admin pages. They all return a …

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Module development, DNN libraries inheritance

Hello,  we are starting with dnn modules development, and we have a question: how is it possible to develop a modules using Visual Studio and to inherit the DNN libraries/classes ? So far, we have achieved to: - develop simple modules without dnn …

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