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Password Reset Page - Function Not Working

I am trying to get the Reset Password set up correctly.  Previously it had an older version of message under Languages of: Dear [User:DisplayName], You have requested a Password Reminder from [Portal:PortalName]. Please login using the following …

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I have 2 documents on the server what his name starts with the word 101, but when a search a file named 101(i do an exact search) in the document view, he display me the two documents and OTHER FILES that are on the server that not started with the word …

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Member Profile Template Modification Help

Hi. I am trying to create a hyperlink around the website url in the member profile template. When the link is rendered it shows the url  to the member profile page with the website address appended to the end. …

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SSL on Azure

Hello, I have a site on Azure and secured the login and registration pages with SSL. I have set SSL to enforced so that the pages are not accessable in http. So far so good but I want to transmit cookies over https so I set requireSSL=”true" in the forms …

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Load Page Exception after upgrade to 7.4.0

After 7.4.0 upgrade I receive this error every time i try to open module settings ( it fails) on every page: ------------------------------ AbsoluteURL :/Default.aspx DefaultDataProvider :DotNetNuke.Data.SqlDataProvider, DotNetNuke ExceptionGUID …

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