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How do I make a page in the master site accessible from the child sites?

My situation is that I have a FAQ that I want to put into 10+ child sites. My problem is that I would have to manually insert it into every child site. If I did that, it would mean that I would also have to update each FAQ in each child site every time I …

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How to properly use child portals to manage permissions

The large organization I support is looking to roll out a CMS to replace their current static site. The organization has numerous semi-autonomous child organizations that each currently manage their own subdirectories of the static site via …

Author: Phi Phi
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Host Tab Mssing from SuperUserAccount once i Installed DNN on Azure Env. , what should be done ?

After DNN Installation on azure Env. the Host Tab missing from the menu of Super User account and couldn't be able to install any extension also some errors popup while the Database Schema script Creation as below : "08/27/2015 07:16:15 [ERROR] …

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How to delete/change 'Awesome Cycles' title?

One of my clients recently brought it to my attention that when they post a link to their website on facebook, the words 'Awesome Cycles' appears on the top, see snapshot here: or try to post on …

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Can't exclude URL Rewriter

I am trying to keep a URL (/plesk-stat) from being processed by DNN, and have set the path in the database field: AUM_DoNotRewriteRegEx  /DesktopModules/|/Providers|/LinkClick\.aspx|/plesk-stat However, when I go to that URL, I get an error that …

Author: Thomas
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