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Why my profile pic won't show on my blog comments?

My profile pic here on is set to "public" and I can see it everywhere except when I comment on a community blog post, then it only shows that blank grey head avatar. I can see other commenters pics.

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DNN and javascript framework

I am using Angular and Knockout for various projects but I have recently been asked to write modules for the DNN platform. Is it possible to use any of the above frameworks for client side modules and which is better supported with examples? Thank you.

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angularjs validation

Hi, I'm experimenting with angularjs in dotnetnuke. I'm trying to use angularjs validation on a form but I can't get it to work. I need to place 'novalidate' in the form tag of dotnetnuke. Is there a way to add it with jQuery to the form tag in …

Author: jurgen2
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Are there any starter templates for creating a custom scheduled job?

ZONA KAMU There are, try and make it look nicer. do not give ya keep the spirit.

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AngularJS and DNN

I am using the AngularJS framework for an open source module. With KnockoutJS we have a JQuery plugin for making $.ajax calls. However, using AngularJS is not so trivial. I couldn't find examples or ideas to use the same in AngularJS [$http or $resource] …

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