Future-proof Your CMS With Liquid Content

With Liquid Content™ from DNN, your content goes wherever it needs to be: any channel, app, device. Any time.

A future-proof CMS that adapts to change.

Rapid change is the only constant. Ten years ago, Facebook was available only in certain universities. Today, its 1+ billion active users are an essential channel for B2C and B2B marketing. We don’t know what’s coming next, so your Content Management System (CMS) needs to adapt. Evoq helps you adapt, with a DNN Store of commercial modules and an extensibility model that developers love.

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“We needed a new CMS that we’ll still be using in 2025.”

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Lane Boyd

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Unrivaled ease of use.

While most modern software is easy to use, Evoq is easier than them all. Your users won’t need a user manual, they’ll simply intuit common tasks. Don’t just take our word for it. Go for a test drive and see for yourself.

Test Drive
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"Evoq gives editors a straightforward, simple approach to managing content. Ease-of-use for the average editor does not come with a trade-off of being weak for the IT team. In short, it is the CMS sweet spot of capabilities and ease of use."

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Kurt Holliday

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Multi-site management that actually scales.

Our multi-site management is architected directly in the core platform. It’s not a bolt-on, like you find in other content management systems. This means you can manage hundreds or thousands of sites from a single instance of Evoq, and have performance scale as you grow.

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“With more than 200 websites, we needed a lot of flexibility, and Evoq delivered. It has the ability to create sites and site domains, quickly and easily. From a systems point of view, this makes it a clear winner over other CMS platforms.”

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Walt Brannon

University of New Orleans

The only CMS with engagement at its core.

Evoq is the only CMS that helps you build a thriving community right on your website. It provides native user engagement features, along with a gamification engine that tracks 400+ scoring actions. The result? User-generated content that improves SEO rankings and user engagement that keeps visitors coming back for more.

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“Evoq’s engagement features give us a rich community platform for our members to engage with one another. This engagement doesn’t happen on a separate community site, it occurs directly on our website, where members have easy access to our core content.”

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Vincent Malanga

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What is Liquid Content?
Find Out
What is Liquid Content?
Find Out
What is Liquid Content?
Find Out