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Download multiple files

I do multiple download files in combination whit web api and java script.This is how my java script looks likevar open_in_new_tab_multi = function (data) { for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++)' …

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How to publish a DotNetNuke Module to Azure from Visual Studio or CI

My problem: All my DNN sites now are hosted on Azure. I have a single portal site (PokerDIY) which I want to to RAD on. It is very slow to publish new module builds to Azure with the current DNN Installer. I am writing an Angluar App with an …

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Persona bar not displaying.

The bar was working before. I added the dnn.mvc nuget project and played with that but it screwed up the site so I removed it. I think IIS made the DesktopModules a virtual site or something. Anyway, I removed the site from IIS and re-added it and it …

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DNN 9 - error retrieving your content

i get the below error ever time i access Security -> Basic Login Settings DNN v. 09.01.01 (129) There was an error retrieving your content. Please check your internet connection.

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sitemap is empty

Hello boys, my sitemap.aspx page is empty i check the /Admin/Search-Engine-SiteMap page, the dnncoresitemap provider dont have any record and the /portals/PortalId/sitemap/ folder is empty and the sitemap.xml file doesn't …

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