Behind Every Active Online Community is a Proactive Community Manager.

Community managers are essential to the success of an active and engaged online community. They have long to-do lists that keep them constantly in motion, responding to requests, participating in conversations, and monitoring activities. To stay on top of it all, community managers need powerful, yet easy-to-use tools. 

Evoq Engage provides a dashboard that is purpose-built for community managers, empowering them to keep their fingers on the pulse of members and their activity.

community management dashboard in Evoq

Evoq Engage's community manager dashboard puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

monitor online community discussions and forums


Monitor and improve every aspect of your community, from member activity levels and trending topics to engagement metrics and top influencers.

spot discussion trends and top influencers in the community


Access gaming mechanics to create new badges and privileges, adjust point values, or configure the leaderboard.

watch online community key performance indicators

member status settings

Set and adjust experience and reputation point values, define how members earn points and where they are displayed.

prioritize community manager tasks

member management

Add or edit user accounts, see individual member activity, promote members to receive special badges or privileges.

prioritize community manager tasks

Task management

View and prioritize a complete list of tasks across all areas of the community. Mark them as complete to stay focused and organized.

prioritize community manager tasks

Group management

Approve and administer online community groups, manage group settings and access to content areas.

Effective online community managers translate to thriving, successful communities. 


online community managers are important to success

Manage your community more effectively, in less time.

Complete dozens of administrative tasks in minutes, leaving plenty of time for deeper and more thoughtful interaction with the community.

Sustain member engagement with rapid response.

People thrive on instant gratification. The faster you respond to community members, the more satisfied and engaged they will be.

Make data-driven decisions to improve the community.

Understand what is working and where the trouble spots, so you can quickly adjust and monitor the impact.

Learn about the important role of the community manager in the benchmark report from The Community Roundtable, “State of Online Community Management”


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