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DNN Platform Roadmap

As an Open Source project, the DNN Platform is developed in the open with input and participation by the community. Below is a list of upcoming releases and proposed dates along with the major focus areas for each release.  Over the coming weeks we'll be working with the community to further flesh out and refine the roadmap to give everyone visibility into what is planned for the CMS platform.

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Previous Releases
Release Focus Date Released Issue List
7.3.2 Maintenance Release. Improve captcha for bot registration issue, other bug fixes 8/14/14   link
7.3.3 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 10/1/2014   link
7.3.4 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 11/12/2014   link
7.4.0 Major Release. Enhancements - Workflow & Versioning API. Multi-language Site Settings. Bug Fixes 2/4/2015   link
7.4.1 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 5/26/2015   link
7.4.2 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. Support for incremental updates. 10/02/2015   link
8.0.0 Major Release. Enhancements - MVC Modules, HTML Single Page Application (SPA) modules, .NET 4.5.1 requirement, Platform/UI Separation 01/14/2016
8.0.1 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 3/16/16   link
8.0.2 Maintenance Release. Security and bug fixes. 4/18/16   link
8.0.3 Maintenance Release. Security and bug fixes. 5/26/16   link
8.0.4 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 8/18/16   link
8.0.5 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes.     link
9.0.0 Major Release. 12/7/16   link
9.0.1 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. 1/18/17   link
9.0.2 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes.  2/9/17   link
9.1.0 Major Release. PersonaBar 4/27/17   link
9.1.1 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes.
7/5/17   link
9.2.0 Major Release: DNN Prompt, Page Manager refresh, Connectors API
Q1 2018   link
9.2.1 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes.
8/7/2018 link
9.2.2 Maintenance Release. Bug fixes. VSTS Release Automation
10/1 link
Release Focus Code Freeze Release Issue List
9.3.0 Minor Release: UI for Google Analytics, Updated developer dependencies throughout the AdminExperience and React.Common repositories. Jan 11 RC: Jan 14
Final: Feb 4*
9.3.1 Stabilization Release Mar 15 RC: Mar 18
Final: April 1*
9.4.0 Minor Release: Admin Experience and Accessibility Improvements. May 17 RC:  May 20
Final: June 3*
10.0.0 Major Release: 4.7.2 upgrade Q4'19   link

Updated: Jan 24 2019

* date subject to change if more then one release candidate (RC) is necessary

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What is Liquid Content?
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