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File management Last updated: 5 days ago

DNN has a great tool to manage files: Digital Asset Management (DAM). In DNN 9 it can be accessed via the persona bar (manage - site assets). In older versions you can access the DAM by Admin - File management. There are a couple of things to be aware of … View Full Page

​Content security policy & DNN Last updated: 2 weeks ago

Introduction Since internet has exist ed , people have been trying to deface websites, hack applications , or distribute malware. So , we use firewalls to keep unwanted visitors out and implement SSL to … View Full Page

​Security headers & DNN Last updated: 2 weeks ago

Introduction In our battle against hackers we have a lot of work these days. And as with most topics: perfection is a lot of simple things done right. We have instructed our customers to use complex passwords, we got a firewall, login using SSL and … View Full Page

DNN on social media Last updated: 1 month ago

In this article we are in the process of lining up DNN mentions and groups on social media View Full Page

Siteurls Last updated: 2 months ago

Background DotNetNuke has support for Url Rewriting alllowing pagenames to be rewritten to a different form. Typically th View Full Page

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    What is Liquid Content?
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    What is Liquid Content?
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