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Module Development in DNN 8: 3 - Introduction to SPA modules

In addition to ASP.NET MVC modules, DNN 8 will support SPA (Single Page Application) modules, developed purely with HTML JavaScript and Css, together with ASP.NET Web API based Web Services on the Web Server.  DNN currently supports this module type – to a degree - but the HTML is required to be in the WebForms User Control.  A number of the newer modules have been built this way, for example the Core Messaging module and Membership modules found in the User Profile are built in this way.

In DNN 8 the requirement to use User Controls or a Razor script is removed.  Module Controls can be pure HTML files with the extension .html or .htm, and the Module injection framework will load the html into an HtmlHostControl in a similar way to how MVC modules are handled.

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May 22
By: Charles Nurse

Module Development in DNN 8: 2 - Creating your first MVC Action/View

In my previous blog I reviewed the Development Environment I will be using for my blog series on Module Development in DNN 8.  As a reminder you can find all the sample code on Github at https://github.com/cnurse/DnnConnect.Demo. In this blog we will create our first  MVC Action and View.

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May 22
By: Charles Nurse

Module Development in DNN 8: 1 – Introduction to MVC modules

DNN Loves MVCA new CTP for DNN 8 was released today.  This CTP contains updated support for building modules using the ASP.NET MVC Framework as well as new support for building HTML 5 based modules.  This adds to the existing support for building modules with ASP.NET WebForms (User Controls) and Razor scripts. 

With this extended support DNN 8 becomes the only .NET CMS that offers module developers a choice of all the available ways to build extensions.

In this new blog series I will describe these new features while building a module to manage Contacts.  This post is an introduction to developing MVC based modules.

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May 22
By: Charles Nurse

SPA: A DNN First Class Citizen

SPAOver the last 25 years since the World Wide Web was first created, the web has undergone dramatic change. Web pages started out as static documents with rudimentary styling and graphics. During the first decade of web development, frameworks like Active Server Pages and ColdFusion added server side programming to enable the development of rich web applications. JavaScript was added to enable simple browser interactions, but was generally considered too slow and limited for serious web application development.

Over the following decade, the web went through another major growth spurt as developers pushed JavaScript to its limits and beyond. Browsers continued to advance to drive client-side performance and capability. In addition, the development and refinement of AJAX techniques made it possible to deliver even richer browser experiences than were previously possible.

In the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ember, Aurelia and more. These frameworks leverage JavaScript and AJAX to enable the development of rich web applications with desktop application like performance.

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May 22
By: Joe Brinkman

Build a SPA DNN Module with Razor WebAPI and Knockout

My last blog post was an introduction to developing simple Dnn modules using a Razor view mixed with WebAPI calls to the underlying code mixed in.  Building single place applications (SPA) is possible with a simple mixture of using Razor views t... Continue Reading »
May 22
By: Bruce Chapman

Visual Query with URL-Parameter-Filter (10 min Tutorial Video)

This second video shows how the App is built on http://2sxc.org/help which automatically shows special links based on the URL. So if ?tag=permissions is passed in, the Query will retrieve all help-links related to this tag and show them. The Solution has no code on the server so it's only tokens + query. Great to get started :)  Continue Reading »
May 21
By: Daniel Mettler

First Steps with the Visual Query Designer (10 min Video)

I got a few requests through Twitter and Codeplex asking for getting-started videos. So here goes - the first video shows the basics, creating a simple query and connecting it to a Tokens-Template. Continue Reading »
May 20
By: Daniel Mettler

Debugging Minified JavaScript thanks to Source-Maps - LL2

Working with minified JavaScript - like when using jQuery or AngularJS in a live environment - is troubling when you want to debug something. So let me introduce you to the JavaScript Source Map. This is Lessons Learned #2 from the development of 2sxc 7. Continue Reading »
May 19
By: Daniel Mettler

DNN Security Analyzer

A few weeks ago, the DNN Security team released blog post describing a workaround for a recently discovered vulnerability in the DNN Install Wizard. While the fix is simple, we know that there will still be users who didn't see the blog post or who were hesitant to implement the workaround since it meant deleting core platform files.

It has been our practice to only provide security fixes in a full DNN build, but given the critical nature of this issue and some delays in releasing DNN 7.4.1 we felt it was worth implementing the suggested workaround in a module which would work for any site running DNN Platform 6.2.0 or better. We limited this module to later DNN releases because we felt that security issues in releases prior to 6.2.0 were significant enough that patching this one issue would not be sufficient to adequately protect users. If you are running a version prior to DNN 6.2.0 you should upgrade to one of the latest releases to ensure your site is adequately secured.

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May 18
By: Joe Brinkman

New in 2sxc 7: #11 Content/Data-Import from Excel and any other Data (including Access, SQL, FnL, UdT)

This is a part of my series The New Features of 2sxc 7 and introduces you to importing existing data into 2sxc. You will usually want to do this when starting with existing data (like customer addresses) or when migrating from another tool (XYZ-Articles, XYZ-News, XYZ-Gallery) or from another CMS like Umbraco, Drupal, typo3 etc.

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May 18
By: Daniel Mettler
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