Configuration Manager

configuration manager - web.config

Easily make updates to your configuration files.

The Configuration Manager gives administrators access to configuration files without needing direct access to the server's filesystem.

Adjust CMS settings by modifying configuration files, such as web.config.


time savings

Troubleshoot Issues

Make changes to configuration settings to troubleshoot issues or optimize site performance. Beware: updating your web.config file will cause the application to restart.

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Convenient Access

Access all of your configuration files from a single location. Make changes directly in the on-screen editor, without having to access the file directly.

How to Use

how to administer

How to Access

Host users access the Host menu, then select Configuration Manager. From the Configuration File drop-down list, select the file you'd like to update. The field loads in the on-screen editor. Make your changes, then click Save.

advanced use

Advanced: Merge Scripts

You can merge changes to an existing configuration file via a merge script. Click the Merge Scripts tab, then upload your script. Click Execute Merge to have the system read your script and merge the changes.

Convenient access to your site's configuration files.

Access and edit your site's configuration settings, without needing direct access to the server's filesystem. 

configuration manager - merge scripts        configuration manager - packages.config

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What is Liquid Content?
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