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Scale performance by running multiple servers in a web farm.

As traffic grows, hosting your site on a single server may no longer be suitable. The resources on a single server can get bogged down, causing pages to load much slower.

Evoq's web farms feature lets you run multiple servers in a web farm. Evoq balances the load across the servers. In addition, it performs cache synchronization across servers in order to maintain session integrity.

The Web Farm Configuration Guide


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Scalable Growth

While higher traffic is welcome, no one wants a slow-loading site. Web Farms help you scale server resources to meet growing traffic demands.

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Support Ongoing Growth

As traffic grows and grows, your two-server web farm may need more capacity. Evoq's makes it easy for you to insert additional servers into the web farm, helping you support ongoing traffic growth.

How to Use

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How to Access

In the Host menu, select Professional Features, then Manage Web Servers. Assign a unique URL to each of the servers in the web farm.

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Configure Caching Settings

In the Caching sub-menu, select the checkbox for Web Farm Enabled? and ensure that Caching Provider is set to WebRequestCachingProvider.

It's EASY TO MANAGE a web farm in Evoq.

You can add a new server to your web farm and fine tune parameters in a matter of minutes. 

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