Evoq's cache settings

Faster load times: because memory access is faster than disk access.

Evoq uses page and module caching to optimize the performance of your site. By storing copies of code and data in memory, Evoq can serve content faster than having to access data saved on disk.

For added flexibility, site-wide caching can be set up, then overridden on at the page and module level.


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Visitor Satisfaction

40 percent of visitors will leave a website if if takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load. With caching, pages load faster, which keeps visitors on your site.

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Support Ongoing Traffic Growth

Support increases in website traffic by having your page content load quicker. A site with poor performance will struggle to sustain a growing audience of visitors.

How to Use

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How to Access

In the Host menu, select Host Settings, then Advanced Settings, followed by Performance Setings. Set Module Cache Provider and Page Output Cache Provider to Memory.

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Override at the Page or Module Level

If desired, host users can override the site-wide caching setting at the individual page or module level. Simply access the Page Settings, then set the Module Cache Provider and Cache Setting values accordingly.

Fine Tune the performance of your site.

With Evoq, you have an assortment of settings to fine tune the caching of pages and modules. 

caching performance settings        output cache provider

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