Granular User Permissions

granular user permissions

Control user permissions at a granularity that works best for your organization.

As more people inside and outside your organization get involved in maintaining your website, your risk rises.

Evoq gives website administrators control and flexibility to manage user access, enabling them to protect the integrity of the site and its content.

User permissions can get as granular as you wish: you can set permissions down to a module on an individual page.


flexibility in setting up permissions

Granular Options for Flexibility

If you need to tailor the access privileges of particular users, the granularity of Evoq's permissions grid helps you do just that.

increase conversions

Better Quality Control

By giving CMS authors access to update particular sections of the site, you prevent unintended changes from unauthorized users.

How to Use

how to administer

How to Access

Host users access permissions by clicking Edit Page, followed by Page Permissions. Granular permissions can then by applied in the permissions grid that appears.

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Managing Permissions

Permissions can be applied to both user roles and individual users. In the permissions grid, click the checkbox to enable the listed action.

Easily manage the permissions of your CMS authors.

Evoq gets very granular in the range of actions permitted for users or user roles. 

user permissions by group        user permissions main menu

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