Submit Your Site to Google Search for Indexing

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  • A host / super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SEO.
    Persona Bar > Settings > SEO
  2. Go to the Sitemap Settings tab.

    SEO Sitemap settings

  3. Submit your sitemap's URL to Google for indexing.
    1. Choose Google from the Search Engine dropdown. Click/Tap Submit.

      Site Submission > Search Engine

      You will be directed to the Google Search Console page in a new browser tab.
    2. Log in with your Google account.
    3. In Google's Search Console, enter the URL to your site and Submit Request.

      Site URL Submission

  4. Verify that you own the site.
    1. Go to the Google Webmasters Tools page.
    2. Choose Website from the dropdown and enter the URL to your site. Click/Tap Add a Property.

      Site URL Submission

      You will be directed to a set of instructions for Recommended method and Alternate methods.
    3. Go to the Recommended method tab (HTML file upload) and copy the filename provided by Google.

      Site URL Submission

    4. In the DNN Sitemap Settings page, in the Site Submission section, paste the filename to the Verification field, and click/tap Create.

      Site Submission > Verification

    5. In the Google Verification page, click/tap Verify.

      Site URL Submission