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What's next for the Store module

As of august 1st, 2009, the current official version of store is 02.01.00

The next version will be version 02.02.00. It is expected to be submitted to the release process after sumertime.

Most of v.2.2 is already available in a beta version, numbered 02.01.17, wich you may download from :éléchargementdownload/tabid/202/Default.aspx

When software was packaged in boxes, a release candidate was a version of the software that was almost ready to be packaged and shipped. Basically, it was a final version. Stricly speaking, Store 02.01.17 should therefore not be called a 'release candidate', because we know that there are a few tests and fixes that Gilles wants to do before releasing.

But we know that v. 02.01.17 is already in production in a number of website, and although we cannot officialy say do, we secretely consider that it is quite reasonable to use it for small projects. Moreover, Gilles has expressed a strong commitment to provide upgrade pathes to the final release, in case there would be (unlikely) database changes beetween 02.01.17 and 02.02.00. In fact, he has done so for every intermediate version until now, so that I'm not aware of anybody having beeing left in a cul-the-sac with any of Gilles's betas.

We always appreciate your feedback in the Store forum, even when you complain about the irrealistic 'next week' promises.

So here is the main list of changes in 02.01.17 since 02.01.00 (from Gilles's history files):

Bugs corrected:

- Access to the connection string has been fixed (STO-9141).

- Product edit: An unattended exception was raised when a product had no category.

- Shipping Rates: the data type of the description field has been changed to nvarchar to support unicode charset.

- Categories: Inside Categories Admin, the Order header was not displayed correctly based on selected language. The ressource 'lblOrderHeader' has been renamed 'lblOrderHeader.Text' in the file CategoryAdmin.resx.ascx.
- Inside StoreAddress.ascx, the attribute TestIP="yes" was removed. This was an error : TestIP was originaly intented to contain a test IP, not a boolean value. This error prevented the country from being preselected after the IP class.

- Memory leak in Tax Provider fixed.

- connection losts and images not displayed when the Store module was installed on child portal. Fixed.

- Format error with provider (STO-7804).

- The shipping address is now submited during transactions with the provider (STO-7888).

- Extension of the verification code to 4 digits in the provider (STO-7887).

- Message returned by provider when an error occurs.

- Removed two hardcoded attributs on product's images (border=1px, border-color: #000).

- Added some missing resources and some other corrected (STO-6794).

- The product title link and product image link are now disabled when the Product Detail setting is not set. In addition, all tokens related to the product detail are no longer displayed (STO-2575).


- Products: During the deletion of a product, if the product is not related to an order it is now physically deleted.

- Categories: During the deletion of a category, if it does not contains sub-categories or products it is now physically deleted. If the category is linked to sub-categories or products marked "deleted" (IsDeleted=1), then the category is marked "deleted".

- Three new settings were added to the Category Products section of the Store Catalog module. With the settings "Sort By" and "Direction", the section can be sorted now by: Manufacturer, ModelNumber, ModelName, UnitPrice (ascending or descending for direction). Previously this was hard coded by ModelName ascending. The third setting "Sub-Categories" when unchecked allow to do not include the sub-categories of the selected category in the product's list. By default, this setting is checked for maintain compatibility with previous version.

- Address provider: now the user account address is selectable at checkout, and the user can select a previously entered address. Moreover, users can manage their addresses (add, modify, delete) using the Store Account module.

- Many enhancements inside the templating system for XHTML compliancy. All css files has been rewritten and classes renamed. Each token rendered as text is now enclosed inside a span with a specific css class. This provides a better control for designers.

- Added support of transparent GIF and TIFF format for product image (STO-2437).

- Display Category Description on mouse-over category link (STO-2529).

- Previously, the checkout was a desktop module called as an "Edit" control. In this mode all other modules were hidden and the Admin skin was applied. Now, the checkout process is done inside the Store Account control.


New features:

- Added token [CATEGORYNAME] for use in the products templates.

- Added token [IMAGEURL] for use in the products templates. This token permits to display the product image without a link, with a standard img tag (eg: <img src="[IMAGEURL]"></img>).

- Added token [ADDQUANTITY] for use inside products templates. This token adds to the page the string 'Quantity: ', and a text box with a default value of 1. Thus, the user can enter directly the quantity to be added to the cart, rather than multiple mouse clics.

- Added token [STOCKQUANTITY] for use inside products templates. This token displays the quantity available in stock.

- Two new settings (On Out of Stock and Product's Behavior) inside Store Admin were added.

The first parameter is used in conjunction with the [STOCKQUANTITY]token. When a product is out of stock, you can choose to display the current quantity (negative) or either one of these two messages: 1.- Product Unavailable; or 2.- Restocking in progress. (Remember that any text string can be modified via the standard DNN Language Editor, and that english users may use the multilanguage capabilities of DNN to provide alternate messages - and also remember to make a difference beetween the Host language packs, which are replaced by upgrades, and the Portal level packs, which are not replaced, and therefore more convenient for custom translations).

The second parameter determines a product display rule when a it is out of stock. You can decide to: 1.- Accept orders; 2.- Show the product but hide the quantity, the links and the buttons (Add To Cart and Buy Now!); 3.- Hide the product.

- Added new link button "Delete All" at the bottom of the quantity control column inside the Store Minicart and Store Account modules. This allow to empty the cart. In addition, the client can now enter the quantity to add or remove in the mini cart module and during the checkout.

- A settings section has been added in the Mini Cart module settings. This section contains four new settings: Show Thumbnail, Thumbnail Width, Product Column and Include VAT. Previously, it was not posible to choose wich product column to display (Model Number, Model Name, Product Title) as product name without hardcoding the MiniCart.ascx form. This might have become a real problem for future upgrades. Now, you can define in the settings section the product columns to display. Moreover, you can choose to display the product thumbnail and it's width. The last setting (Include VAT) permits to display the product's price including VAT in the Mini Cart. This setting has been added, because in some countries, it is compulsory to to display prices including taxes on websites. All these settings are available in a new sub section settings (Main Cart Settings) inside the Account module settings, to control how the main cart will be displayed at checkout time.

- A returning link to the Store page has been added to the Store Account module.


- A new setting (SEO Feature) inside the Store Admin has been added for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When this setting is checked, the catalog can control the title, description and keywords of the current page. A new "Keywords" field has been added to the category form and to the product form. The title can be customized with the resource ListSEOTitle.Text in Catalog.ascx.resx. This resource uses three new tokens: [CATEGORYNAME], [PAGETITLE] and [STORETITLE]. For example, if the category name is "Softwares", the page title is "Catalog" and the store title is "On-line Store", then the injected title could be "Softwares Catalog at On-line Store" using the resource value: [CATEGORYNAME] [PAGETITLE] at [STORETITLE]. Similarly, it is possible to control META tags Description and Keywords. You can use the resource ListSEOKeywords.Text with the tokens [CATEGORYKEYWORDS] [STOREKEYWORDS] and [PAGEKEYWORDS] to control the Keywords META tag. The resource ListSEODescription.Text use the tokens [CATEGORYDESCRIPTION] [STOREDESCRIPTION] and [PAGEDESCRIPTION] to control the META tag Description.

As for product's list, the product detail page title can be customized with the resource DetailsSEOTitle.Text inside ProductDetail.ascx.resx. The following tokens can be used to build the page title: [PAGETITLE], [STORETITLE], [MANUFACTURER], [MODELNUMBER], [MODELNAME], [PRODUCTTITLE]. Using the resource value: [MANUFACTURER] - [MODELNAME] ([MODELNUMBER]) at [STORETITLE], the resulting page title would be something like: "Wrox - Professional DotNetNuke 4 (0-471-78816-3) at On-Line Store".


Special WWStore

Version 02.01.01 (never released as Store, only as WWStore)

WWStore has been an important step in the evolutionary process of Store, but will not evolve anymore under this name. A path from WWStore to Store is available on
All files names and database tables have been renamed with the Store brand.

Bugs corrected:

- Inside order details, the prices was not displayed on odd lines.

- The order date format was not correctly initialized with the corresponding resource (OrderDateFormat.Text inside CustomerOrders.ascx.resx).

- Reviews: All references to UserId has been removed. Now, when a user not logged entrer a review, the name "Anonymous" is proposed. When a user is logged, his display name is used.  This caused a bug when a user who had entered reviews was removed.

- Email sent: Previously, the module always used port 25 and never use SSL to connect to the server. Now, the module use all Host SMTP settings (server name, port, SSL) and UTF-8 encoding.

- Some bugs about the display of the gateway provider have been corrected (STO-7904).

New features:

- Localized graphics buttons and different graphic formats. Now, you can have one button's set by language and use different file names and format (gif, jpg, png, ...). The current locale is added at the end of file name (addtocart_en-US.gif). The file names and format can be changed inside ProductDetail.ascx.resx with the language editor (AddToCartImg.Text=addtocartimg_{0}.gif, LinkDetailImg.Text=linkdetailimg_{0}.gif, PurchaseImg.Text=purchaseimg_{0}.gif).



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