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DotNetNuke 4.6.0 release is coming

starburst_rc1DotNetNuke 4.6.0 is quickly approaching the release date.  We have gone through 2 different beta releases and have now packaged and released RC1 to our testers and benefactors.  While we have implemented a new beta testing group and added more default test cases into our test tracker, we are still not getting the level of testing that we feel is necessary.  We had a lot of people sign up for the beta test who ended up not being active participants which really hurt our testing efforts.  Out of nearly 60 people accepted into the program, fewer than 1/3 actually contributed feedback on the quality of the release.  We will continue to open up beta testing for future releases in order to increase our quality and ensure that we are getting feedback early in the release testing cycle.  For those who submitted feedback, we appreciate your efforts.

At this point we have addressed every Showstopper bug in Gemini and addressed quite a few major and minor bugs as well.  4.6 will see a number of new enhancements and new features, many of which have been blogged about by various team members.  I want to personally thank those core team members and project leads who have helped get this release ready in time for OpenForce Europe '07.  Specifically, I want to thank Cathal, Vicenc, Erik, Sebastian, Stefan, Mike, Dan and of course Charles.  Your hard work in fixing bugs and coding the enhancements, sometimes on very short notice, really helped pull this together.  I also want to thank Alex who spent a lot of time on this release getting bugs validated and moved over to the private  bug tracker for the team to fix.

This was really the first release where I have been actively involved in the entire cycle, from scoping the release, to coordinating bug fixes and ensuring we were getting testing accomplished.  For the past 4 years this has been primarily Shaun's responsibility and I am not sure how he was able to pull it off along with all of his other project and corporate responsibilities.

Below is a list all of the bugs, enhancements and new features which were addressed in this release.  You can see all of these in the 4.6.0 Roadmap, which will become the 4.6.0 Changelog once we go final.  At this point we don't expect any changes between now and the final release this weekend.  We should be dogfooding on later tonight which is the last major hurdle before the release.

Finally, I want to welcome aboard two new project sponsors: Robert Half Technology, and AspDotNetStorefront.  Our project sponsors and advertisers help us keep the lights on, so we are very grateful to them for their support.

Component Issue Type Issue ID Summary
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-1813 print icon on SQL admin page fails
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5920 Custom Profile Property Localization only works for US Language
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5571 Can't add a profile property under host settings.
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6102 Page refresh doesn't work
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6144 Manage profile properties : list entry count does not update
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6145 Bug in creating new page as admin
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6007 "Manage Users in Role" uses still Fullname instead of Displayname
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6088 Error sending mail on portal creation
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5471 Event viewer shows page 0 of 1
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5479 Exception generated when handling a URL with too long file path
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-4191 Newsletter - replacement of domain-name
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-4205 DNN-3706 Not Fixed (Profile ValidationExpression)
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5943 Host Menu Disappears Temporarily After Upgrade
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6002 Classic ICONBAR grants Page Edit Permissions
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6054 SMTP password not saved when test button is pressed
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6012 Checking if a Custom Profile Property Exists Throws an Exception
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6033 Installation Scenerios Do Not Work
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6044 AddProperty Error
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6095 Token options get displayed on html module when logged out/container disabled
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-4979 Log viewer doesn't process old log entries
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5792 Payment processor setting not working when user subscribes to role
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-2077 EditUrl does not work from ModuleSettingsBase
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6184 TokenReplace issues, when run without context
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6135 Newsletter-Function does not deal correctly with invalid mail-addresses
Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-6149 How to completely lock yourself out of your website
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6183 Refactor SendTokenizedBulkMail
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6185 TokenReplace: FormatString shall return empty string
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6040 Bulkmail Report is not localized
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-5467 HTML EMail Sending Capabilities
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6016 Admin/Newsletters - Better email customization and preview
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-5304 Increase size of PermissionKey & PermissionName in Permission tables
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6005 BulkMail: Role Selection like Permissiongrid needed
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-6046 Convert request filter address to IPv4
Admin / Host Functions New Feature DNN-6014 Add TokenReplace to Newsletter (BulkMail)
Admin / Host Functions New Feature DNN-6036 Add new setting to enable/disable language parameters in urls
Admin / Host Functions New Feature DNN-5935 allow pages with login module to retain title text
Admin / Host Functions Task DNN-5497 Spelling Issue Profile Definition
Control Panel Bug DNN-5508 "Show Control Panel?" text incorrectly appears for non page editors
Core Modules Bug DNN-4406 Download Filename need to URLEncode for IE
Core Modules Bug DNN-5098 Text/HTML Module vs. SRC Attribute
Core Modules Enhancement DNN-6015 Autohydrate Roles in UserInfo
Core Modules Enhancement DNN-5470 newsletter enhancements
Core Modules New Feature DNN-6013 Add TokenReplace feature to Text/HTML
Data Access (DAL) Bug DNN-5369 Another minor db error upgrading from 337 to 441
Data Access (DAL) Bug DNN-6105 PortalId, RoleGroupId and other properties are missing in RoleInfo for getUserRoles
Data Access (DAL) Enhancement DNN-5902 DAL+ executedataset
Data Access (DAL) Enhancement DNN-955 alter upgradeconnectionstring logic to better handle granting EXEC permissions
End User Functions Bug DNN-5429 Two versions of ManageUploadDirectory being used at text/html module
End User Functions Enhancement DNN-1298 Allow multiple attachments in global SendMail function
Exception Management Bug DNN-5859 ProcessModuleLoadException Can Throw an Error and Lose Your Original Exception
File Manager New Feature DNN-6011 Add an overload to UploadFile, allowing to rename it
General Bug DNN-5937 SendMail() method needs objMail.Dispose
General Bug DNN-5959 4.5.5 - Bug with the link on the Logo
General New Feature DNN-5934 Add a new Universal, Extensible Package Installer
General New Feature DNN-5933 Add support for Alternate Authentication providers
HTML Editor Bug DNN-6039 Edit Text option not available to roles set for Content Editing
HTML Editor Bug DNN-3585 TextEditor.ascx file needs modification to display FCKEditor Correctly
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6056 After DNN 4.6.0 installed - no home page content displayed
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6178 Install Wizard - Database name field is not available
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6182 Missing Resource Key "InstallPackageError"
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6181 Installation Wizard error installing AD and Cardspace packages
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6034 Solution Explorer installs on wrong tab
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5484 Module packing includes hidden Vault folders
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-6112 InstallVersion(ByVal strVersion) - missing "as string"
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5384 Install wizard: Configure Database Connection server field does not persist.
Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5860 Error in file 04.00.04.SqlDataProvider (duplicate objectQualifier)
Installation / Upgrade New Feature DNN-5967 Configuration File Management API
Localization / ML Bug DNN-5951 Registration: Missing Tooltip Localization
Localization / ML Bug DNN-5858 Typo in password reminder [quick fix]
Localization / ML Bug DNN-5477 Misspelling
Localization / ML Bug DNN-6001 Premium modules not available when creating lang pack
Localization / ML Bug DNN-6017 Typo in send password resx [quick fix]
Localization / ML Bug DNN-2506 Localization key Missing
Localization / ML Enhancement DNN-6037 Turkish Localization for Installation Wizard
Localization / ML Enhancement DNN-6038 Localization: GetSystemMessage Overload drops param
Localization / ML Enhancement DNN-6021 Add Ability to Localize GridViews
Localization / ML Enhancement DNN-5875 TokenReplace does not handle Boolean data types
Localization / ML New Feature DNN-6042 Localization of datagrid columns
PA Loader / DNN Files Bug DNN-5970 Installing modules that do not support any features (isearchable, iportable, iupgradable etc) causes wrong value in db
Release Packaging Enhancement DNN-6008 Handling of obsolete functions in TokenReplace and XmlUtils
Search Bug DNN-6010 Texts with Special characters like German Umlauts are not correctly indexed
Search Bug DNN-3763 Missing diacritics characters in search results description
Security Bug DNN-5919 Host user accounts use current portal user profile settings instead of their own
Security Bug DNN-6113 Removed Code: alert admin/host users to insecure defaults
Security Bug DNN-4631 Child Portal Logout
Security Bug DNN-3575 FB-215: Password verification code sent via email when site permission set to public.
Security Bug DNN-2563 FormsAuthentication.Decrypt returns nothing
Security Enhancement DNN-6133 Not signing off issue with LiveID
Skinning Bug DNN-5866 It is not possible to add a skin object manually on the modules definition
Skinning Bug DNN-6003 html tag missing attributes that are now required by the W3C validator
Skinning Bug DNN-6074 LINKS skin objects
Skinning Enhancement DNN-6032 Change default skins to reflect new options of LANGUAGE token
Skinning Enhancement DNN-5995 Enhancement of the LANGUAGE skin object
Skinning Enhancement DNN-6070 css and xhtml compliance
Skinning Enhancement DNN-6071 Core code emits not xhtml valid code
Skinning Enhancement DNN-1866 make stylesheets w3c compliant
Skinning New Feature DNN-6047 dnnLabel control cssclass
Skinning New Feature DNN-5968 Skin Object Property Editor
Templates Bug DNN-6050 skin setting in a page template - bug or feature?
Templates Bug DNN-6058 Templates exported with DNN 4.6.0 BETA 1 won't import into DNN 4.6.0 BETA 1
UI / Usability Bug DNN-6059 4.6.0 beta - trivial login button issue
UI / Usability Bug DNN-5941 Validation errors in Settings.ascx - LoadControl bug
UI / Usability Bug DNN-6072 Border in module settings is 1 char only
UI / Usability Enhancement DNN-1817 ENH: add subject to Bulk Mail report email
UI / Usability Enhancement DNN-2887 Password reminder should report error if SendMail failed



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