Theme Management

theme editor

Convenient tools to manage your site's look and feel.

A DNN theme (formerly called a skin) defines the look and feel of the website. It is comprised of layout templates (HTML or ASCX) and style sheets (CSS).

Evoq's Theme Management helps you select, preview and apply a theme to your site.

Install a Theme (Extension)


time savings

Save Time by Purchasing a Commercial Theme

Instead of developing a theme from scratch, save time by choosing from hundreds of modern and mobile-friendly themes from the DNN Store.

easy - get started quickly

Get Started Quickly

Alternatively, Evoq ships with a few default themes that you can apply to your site right away. The default themes provide a modern user experience and are 100% mobile-friendly.

How to Use

how to administer

How to Access

As a Host user, access the Admin menu, the select Themes. Select your Theme Type, Theme and Containers. You can also edit theme attributes, such as File, Token and Setting.

user satisfaction

Theme Preview

Before applying the Theme or Container, Use our Preview feature to see how it appears on your site. For each Theme and Container, the following actions are available: Preview, Apply and Delete.

Themes help you create the right visitor experience.

Evoq makes it easy for you to find the right theme and apply it to your site. 

list of available themes        themes for sale in the DNN Store

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role based security

Role Based Security

Use role-based security to apply permissions at a role (vs. user) level.

granular user permissions

Granular User Permissions

Granular permissions help administrators give just the right privileges to particular users.

CAPTCHA validation

CAPTCHA Validation

Use CAPTCHA validation to prevent the creation of spam accounts on your site.


white paper - web cms - how to go from shortlist to final selectionWHITE PAPER:
Web CMS Selection: How to Go from Shortlist to Final Selection

In this eBook, we break down the selection process for both IT and business users and show you how to make the decision as a team.

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In a custom demo, we can show you the key capabilities you're interested in.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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