Role Management

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Manage permissions across your site via user roles.

Evoq helps administrators manage permissions across your site via user roles. Users can be associated with one or more user roles. User roles, in turn, are organized into role groups.

For example, the Marketing Department role group could contain user roles for SEO Team and Webinar Administrators. A different set of permissions can be applied to each user role.


time savings

Time Savings

By assigning CMS authors to user roles, permissions for pages and modules happen are managed by role. As a result, you save time from having to manage author permissions individually.

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Easy Management

Permissions are organized in a way that helps you stay on top of things. The use of role groups helps keep settings organized as you expand your CMS authoring team.

How to Use

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How to Access

As a host user, access the Admin menu, then select Security Roles. From this menu, you can find an existing user role, add a new one, or add a new role group.

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Auto Assignment

When creating a new user role check the Auto Assignment box to have new users automatically assigned to this role.

Role management helps organize permissions for your growing team.

Managing user permissions is easier once you define user roles and organize them into role groups. 

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Related Features

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Role Based Security

Use role-based security to apply permissions at a role (vs. user) level.

granular user permissions

Granular User Permissions

Granular permissions help administrators give just the right privileges to particular users.

CAPTCHA validation

CAPTCHA Validation

Use CAPTCHA validation to prevent the creation of spam accounts on your site.


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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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