Moderation Tools

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Helping you keep your site's content focused, appropriate and on-task.

Evoq provides tools to assist community managers in moderating content: posts, comments, discussions, etc.

Community managers can provide moderation in one of two areas: in the Dashboard area of the persona bar, or directly in the community area (i.e. the comment or post).


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Time Savings

Moderation tools fit nicely within your workflow. This saves you time over having to navigate to other areas of the system, just to handle moderation.

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Higher Satisfaction

By moderating inappropriate or offensive content, community members place a higher level of trust in your site and will be more satisfied with their visit.

How to Use

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How to Access

From the persona bar as a community manager, click Dashhboard, then Overview. The Tasks area lists posts requiring moderation. Expand each Task and perform your moderation action right from there.

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Direct Moderation

Within community areas of the site, community managers have moderation privileges that are not available to other visitors. Our Content Exchange feature enables community managers to move a post from one community section to another (e.g. move a Discussions post to the Answers area).

Convenient moderation tools that save you time.

Evoq's moderation tools help you keep things organized in your community, which will have visitors coming back. 

Evoq moderation tool - Content Exchange         Evoq moderation tool - add official response

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