Task Management

Evoq - task management

Your community management todo list, all in a central and convenient location.

Community management is an endless sequence of tasks: it seems you're always on the move, moving from one task to another.

Evoq's Task Management generates a set of tasks and notifications that require attention. They're centralized in a single location for quick and easy access.


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Time Savings

Instead of manually searching for matters that require your attention, Evoq auto-generates a set of alerts and tasks. Evoq's Task Management saves you valuable time, which you can use for related community management tasks.

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Proactive Management

By viewing a real-time list of pending tasks, you can act quickly on issues requiring attention. Your community members will notice this active management and gain a higher level of trust in your site.

How to Use

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How to Access

From the persona bar, Community Managers can click on Dashboard, followed by Overview. The Task Management area is listed on the right side, under the heading Tasks.

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Take Necessary Actions

Left click on any task to reveal additional details. You're able to take action on a task immediately, such as moderating a flagged post or deleting a flagged idea.

Stay on top of your todo's.

Evoq's Task Management features are the perfect way to organize your tasks and get the most done each day. 

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