Influence Score

Evoq influence score - views per post

A scoring system to find your community's biggest influencers

Who are the biggest influencers on your website? Sometimes the answer is a subjective one.

Evoq enables you to provide a data-driven answer, via a sophisticated, yet configurable scoring system called the influence score.

With this score, community managers can understand the quantitative influence for each member of the community.


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Time Savings

Our automated influencer scoring saves you the time and effort of doing this manually. Rather than collect data into a spreadsheet, simply refer to Evoq's list of top influencers.

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Identify Influencers

Once the top influencers are identified, you build stronger one-to-one relationships with them. Create Challenges that are exclusive to your top influencers, to help them drive more awareness of your community.

How to Use

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How to Access

From the persona bar as a community manager, click Settings, then Community. Under the Goal Type heading, the current values of weight and value are listed for particular attributes called goals. The goals use a weighted value that add up to a user's overall influence score.

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Customizing Influencer Scoring

For each goal, click the pencil icon to customize the goal scoring. The following values can be customized: Weight, Min Value, Value and Max Value.

Real-time influence scoring, brought to you by Evoq.

Evoq tracks a real-time influence score to help you identify the most influential members in your community. 

Evoq influence score - views per post         Evoq influence score - responses per post

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