JWT Authentication

JWT authentication process

Leverage JWT Authentication in Evoq.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data-interchange format that is both human-readable and machine-parseable. JWT (JSON Web Token) is an open standard for secure transmission of JSON objects between two parties.

When creating a Web API in DNN, you can utilize JWT authentication once you've enabled Evoq's JWT authentication provider.


JWT Authentication: Details

how to administer

JWT Authentication Provider

JWT is available as a built-in extension in Evoq: it is not enabled by default. As a host user, visit Host -> Extensions. In Available Extensions, expand the Providers section, then install the DNN JWT Auth Handler. The auth handler needs to be enabled in the site's web.config file.

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JWT is compact, which is useful to visitors on slow connections. The smaller size enables JWT to be transmitted via a URL, POST parameter, or inside an HTTP header. In addition, it is self-contained, which means that additional database queries are avoided.

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JWT Use Cases

JWT is ideal for applications that cannot use cookies, such as mobile apps. In a standard web forms application, the user logs into a website and receives a session cookie. JWT simply replaces the cookie with a token that is smaller and faster to transmit.

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Renewing an Access Token

When an access token expires, the client can request a new one by sending a POST with a JSON object containing the renewalToken. After this request, both the old access token and the old renewal token are invalidated. The new access token is valid for one hour. The renewal token is valid for 14 days.

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