Evoq Engage Drives Online Community Success.

Proactive and informed community managers are absolutely essential to online community success. Evoq Engage empowers these champions with a complete community manager tool set, so they can maximize member engagement and increase the value of their online community.

Evoq Engage includes these essential features for effective online community management:

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community manager dashboard


Essential tools for your community manager to cultivate an active community, all in one place. Sophisticated moderation controls, gaming mechanics, analytics, task management, and more. MORE >

community analytics


Instantly visualize community health and measure key metrics like user engagement and participation. Monitor activity across all areas of the community. MORE >



Gamification is one of the most effective ways to reward and cultivate positive engagement. Community managers define badges, points, and privileges to drive the behavior you desire. MORE >

group management


Empower community members to assemble around common causes and interests. Set group visibility, make some or all content areas available to the group, and apply gamification to group activities. MORE >

community member management


Evoq Engage offers highly flexible and configurable member account management. Control account access, member privileges, member profile content, and member activity stream options. MORE >

community manager moderation tools


Ensure high-quality dialogue and participation with moderation controls: review and approve posts, discreetly handle inappropriate content, manage member privileges.

community manager task management


Stay on top of community activity and requests with a dynamic, interactive to-do list. All action items can be sorted and resolved right from the dashboard, from approving a comment to changing moderator privileges.

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