Instantly Visualize and Improve Online Community Performance with Analytics.

Who are the super heroes in your community? How do you know what’s working and what’s not? Where should you focus for the highest impact? Without analytics data to answer these questions, you are flying blind and community health will suffer. 

Evoq Engage gives online community managers instant insights, arming them with data to make decisions that lead to thriving, valuable communities.

Evoq Engage monitors every aspect of your online community and helps you understand and respond to trends.


Adoption and Participation 

Identify the most active contributors so you can build and nurture relationships these valuable members, who are top producers of community content. Discover content growth and distribution trends across your community.

reputation points

Engagement and Reputation

See the impact of gamification on individual members. Higher Experience scores indicate greater activity and engagement. Reputation scores vary up or down based on liking, voting, or flagging content.

top influencers

Leverage the community members who have earned a strong reputation and demonstrated an ability to influence the engagement of other members.


Understand which content areas of the community – Discussions, Ideas, Answers, Wikis – drive the most engagement and activity. Take steps to correct under-performing areas.


Understand what type of content is most popular and engaging based on member likes, comments, shares, votes, replies, subscribes.

engagement scoring


Watch the trend of new member registrations over time. If the rate of growth plateaus or declines, focus on strategies to acquire new community members.

Optimize the performance and value of your online community with analytics and insight.

Demonstrate online community ROI.

Use real data to prove the value of your online community in reducing service and support costs, increasing revenue, and capitalizing on community ideas.

Reverse negative trends that can dampen participation.

Spot potential trouble spots and trends before they take a toll on community engagement and reduce the quality of dialogue.

Focus on activities with the highest potential for impact.

Armed with data and analysis, you can do more of what works and stop spinning you wheels on activities that don't move your community in the right direction.  

Leverage conversation trends for other objectives.

Quickly identify the best performing content and transform it for initiatives like product development and content marketing. 

The Data-Driven Community Manager


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What is Liquid Content?
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