Customer Support

Deliver a Better Customer Support Experience with Online Community Dialogue.

Delivering great customer care is not only vital; it’s a significant competitive advantage. According to Forrester Research, you are just one bad support experience away from losing a customer: 89% of customers will walk away from your business and go straight to a competitor after a negative customer support experience.

Online communities let you tap into the power of your entire customer or user base to deliver better support. With Evoq, you can build a robust customer support community within your brand’s website. The results: better customer experiences, stronger customer loyalty, more customer intelligence, and lower support costs.

customer supportt

Improve customer support and satisfaction, while reducing support costs.

customer support

Harness expertise from across the organization and community

Your partners and customers have a wealth of experience—including tips, strategies, work-arounds, and more. Online communities help you tap into this expertise and share it easily with other members and users.

Help customers in the way they prefer

Your customers want answers and they want them now — from anywhere, on any device. Forget making them wait on hold to speak to your support staff. Let your website offer fast access to accurate and useful information.

Reduce costly calls to the contact center

Each call to a support center can cost your company between $100 and $200. An online support community can become the go-to channel for your customers. Each question answered there reduces support costs and lessens anxiety for both your customers and your support staff.

Increase inbound traffic with crowd-sourced content

What’s hot right now? Invite your customers to ask questions or engage in discussions that are extremely topical, relevant, and important to your entire community. Attract new prospects searching for methods to solve issues or challenges.

Evoq has everything you need to build a powerful online support channel.



Ensure high-quality dialogue and participation with moderation controls: review and approve content, discreetly handle inappropriate content, and manage member privileges.


analytics dashboard

Instantly visualize activity levels and trending topics. Leverage analysis to improve customer support, spot trouble areas, and report results to management.



Reward and cultivate positive helping behavior by awarding reputation points, special privileges, awards, and badges.



Let customers tap into community expertise for fast, relevant answers. Harness the intelligence from these interactions to improve products and the customer support experience.


Enable customers to engage in ongoing, threaded discussions. Organize discussions by product or around common topics like getting started, technical troubleshooting, or best practices.




Maximize the SEO impact of support content, with custom page titles and URLS, and set page re-direct rules to follow SEO best practices.

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What is Liquid Content?
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