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Community Member Profile: Sunil Kumar Behera

You may have noticed that we've begun to include profiles of DNN UserGroups and DNN Store Vendors in our Community and Store Blogs, and we'd also like to begin sharing information about our Community Members, who daily advance the knowledge of the DNN Community by asking and answering questions in the Community Forums and Exchange, publishing blogs, and sharing ideas through DNN Voice.  It is our hope that these blogs will help DNN users get to know each other better.  

Thanks to Sunil for sharing a little about himself first.  One of my favorite things he said really speaks to the value of an active community: "I regularly visit DNN forums and try to solve those issues members are facing. When I do research on the issues, I keep learning new things about DNN."  Keep reading to learn more about Sunil!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Sunil Kumar Behera. I am holding a master degree in computer application from Biju Pattnaik University, Odisa. I have almost 3 years of experience in the software development field. I am very much sincere to my work. I do a lot of self-analysis before proceeding with any task. I work hard to achieve my targets in time. I am a quick learner and like to learn new things. Personally I am very much friendly and kind and gentle. My biggest strength is that I accept my weaknesses and keep trying to correcting them. I always take criticism well if it is constructive.

Describe your professional (and/or personal) experience relating to DNN. How long have you been using DNN?  How did you get started?

It’s almost 3 years that I have been using DNN. I have started my professional career with DNN. I had gone through training on the basics of Asp .Net, then started developing DNN modules. Honestly, I learned most of the things from the real projects I have worked on. I will tell, DNN forums and blogs are the resources which helped me a lot. For that I regularly visit DNN forums and try to solve those issues members are facing. When I do research on the issues, I keep learning new things about DNN.

What resources were most helpful to you as you got started, or when you have questions?

As I said, DNN forums, video tutorials and blog posts from the community members were very much helpful that moment. Also I will remain thankful to my colleagues who helped at the time. 

Are there any cool projects you are working on that you would like to share a little about?

Currently I am working on a Survey kind of project, on which Administrator creates surveys for different companies. Employees from the company will attend survey, and system admin will analyze the answers and give scores. Company will generate reports of the survey in graphical format. Besides the client works, I have added 2 modules for DNN Store.

·         ·         Sticky Note Module

·         ·         Polling Module

Are there any must have modules/skins, in your opinion, (Forge, Store, etc.) that you would recommend for DNN sites?

There is one thing recently I have noticed. When any user subscribes to a role in DNN by making payment through the registered gateway, then after returning back to the site, he/she must be subscribed to that role immediately. But this is not the case happening. Site Admin will have to upgrade that user to role manually. Although there are few third party modules available, for the auto role assignment task, but I feel that this should be a DNN core feature. I don’t know whether I am right or missing something, but this is one thing I can remember at this moment which I recommend for DNN sites.

What advice would you give someone who is new to DNN?

I would suggest every professional in DNN, whether fresh or experienced should always keep in touch with the DNN community through forums, community exchange or blogs or any other medium. It will keep updating them in the technology.

Are there any particular areas of expertise that you would be willing to help other DNN users out with? 

Definitely, I would like to help other users with any of the DNN related issues within my experience. I prefer 2 areas, “Module development” and “Administration and Configuration of DNN Sites." 

What do you think are the most important trends in website design/development? Are there any blogs or resources you read on a regular basis to keep up with current trends and technology?

In my knowledge, now a days everything is going mobile. The increasing use of smartphones is a driving change for people. So we should maybe focus on the app development.

What is the best part about working with DNN?  What is one enhancement you would add/one thing you would improve?

From my experience, the best part of working with DNN is that it is developer friendly compared to Sitefinity and Umbraco CMS which I have worked on. Everything looks systematic in DNN.

Thanks Sunil for being our first Community Member Profile!!  If you have any additional questions for him, please use the comments below.  Would you like to tell us about yourself and your DNN experience?  Contact us at community@dnnsoftware.com to be featured in an upcoming blog! 


Sunil Kumar
Thanks Beth for giving the unique opportunity. :)
Sunil Kumar Friday, August 01, 2014 12:33 AM (link)
Beth Firebaugh
And thank you, Sunil, for sharing and being an active member of this Community!!
Beth Firebaugh Monday, August 04, 2014 11:33 AM (link)

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