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DNN 8.0 Developer Quick Start

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DNN 8.0 Developer Quick Start

Last updated 3 years ago



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Changes in pre-requisites

DNN 8.0.0 requires .NET 4.5.1 or higher. This change is because we require ASP.NET Web API 2.1.1 and MVC 5.1.1. Note: newtownsoft.dll ( is also updated to 7.0.1. This release, and going forward, cannot operate in Medium Trust environments.

Breaking Changes

A list of breaking changes can be found here

Features Overview

Administrator Module Abstraction

In previous editions of DNN and Evoq, the administrator modules were installed as part of the core platform itself. As of 8.0, we have abstracted all modules out into true DNN extensions. This allows developers/system integrators to exclude them from distribution packages as desired as well as upgrade them independently of the base platform itself. The modules were also moved to their own github projects in some cases. To see a list of available extensions that were abstracted from the Platform project itself, please see github:

SPA & MVC Modules

Incremental upgrades

Fully supported as of Platform 8.0 is the ability to have incremental upgrade capabilities at the module and framework levels. Items that can take advantage of this are:

  • SqlDataProvider files (e.g. 08.00.00.xx.SqlDataProvider)
  • Configuration merge files (e.g. 08.00.00.xx.config)
  • Cleanup files (e.g. 08.00.00.xx.txt)

You can read more about this in a community blog entry: Incremental upgrade support.

JWT Authentication

Create an Admin or Host Page From Manifests

Default CSS Versioning

DNN Exclude Control

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