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11/8/2017 1:22 AM

My company has DNN (evoq) v9.01.01 installed which is being used to host some internal websites.  I've never used it before and am trying to learn.

One thing I've noticed is that much of the information I see online refers to the "host menu" but I can't seem to figure out what/where this is.

I have the host user credentials, and when I log on, this is what I see:

For instance, I'm trying to learn about lists, presuming I can use it to store data within DNN.  I'm trying to follow along with this article (, but the very first thing it says is "you can create new lists from the HOSTS/LISTS menu" - where is that?


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11/8/2017 6:19 PM


Thanks for your post and welcome to the DNN Community! We're happy to have you. 

To give you some background to what you're experiencing... in versions previous to DNN 9 there was a different control panel. It was docked at the top of the screen and it had a clear distinction between and admin and host user. In DNN v9 this control panel was removed and the Persona Bar replaced it and is now docked on the left hand side of the screen. In your imgr image that you posted - you are indeed logged in as the Host user because your username is denoted as "Super user". This means you have the highest level of access to the site.  

To add to the confusion, the blog post you referenced in your original post was written in 2007. Back then DNN was around version 5 or so... so that material will not be relevant for DNN version 9.

So here are a few items to get you pointed in the right direction

  • If your company is an evoq client, that means you are using the paid version and as such you have access to our Support Team. Feel free to ask them questions. You can connect with support on the Customer Support Page
  • The documentation center has the most up-to-date info to help you get going. Check it out here
  • Chris Hammond posted a Video Tutorial Series on DNN 9 which may help you acclimate with the Perona Bar

Hope this helps

New Post
11/8/2017 7:38 PM

Hi Clinton,

Thanks for the info.  I am trying to determine the best way to store key/value type data within DNN.

To give an example, I want to create a list where each row will have an ID, a description field, and a URL.  I want to be able to reference this data elsewhere within DNN (i.e. bind it to DDLs, etc).

We don't want to store this outside of DNN because we ideally want DNN to be able to stand by itself (i.e. no external dependencies).

What would the best way of accomplishing this?


New Post
11/9/2017 7:53 AM

to answer your question about the Lists: see this:

Note: There might be no List module if you run a fresh install of DNN 9 (at least I could not find it). When you have upgraded from an older version, you might be lucky...

Happy DNNing!

Michael Tobisch
DNN★MVP - The most vibrant community around the DNN-platform
New Post
11/9/2017 6:41 PM
I saw that post already, it seems as though the list functionality no longer exists in version 9.  Is there some other functionality for storing structured data within DNN?
HomeHomeGetting StartedGetting StartedNew to DNN Plat...New to DNN Plat...Where is the host menu?Where is the host menu?

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