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4/6/2014 9:56 AM


I'd really like to use the director for a few things, but it has a couple of limitations that are causing trouble. I'd hoped that by posting them here, either somebody might know a fix, or perhaps the team might choose to improve them.

  • You can't filter by profile fields when using other filter types. For example, I can't filter by "Group", but with Country = "France" or something. This seems odd to me because that's what an advanced search does, so it's all there in the framework. There's just no option to do that because of the design of the settings. We actually want to use this as a way to say "show our members", but not if they've marked an option to "hide from the directory" in their profile.
  • The advanced search doesn't let you turn off any of the four fields. Ideally, there should be an option for "None". If you want advanced search, but don't only want people to be able to search by name and country, you can't. 
  • The "simple" search is too simple. Here, it would be nice if you could specify fields searched by the "simple" search. We use this for an academic association, and people just assume it searches the university names where people are located. I recognize that's a bigger request, but I think that's how most people expect a search to work now.
  • The "Group" search includes expired users. I took that as a highly problematic bug and reported it last night.

I appreciate any thoughts on these - particularly if there's some simple way to fix them.



New Post
4/6/2014 1:44 PM
AFAIK there are no simple options for these, they'll have to be logged as bug/improvement requests (note: we may not consider the "simple" search, it's a deliberately simple stored procedure so that it can work quickly and efficiently -we did a lot of work testing this on as will nearly a million users it's a good test bed, so we would consider enhancements to that very carefully as even a small change could have an undesired effect on sites with large user bases)

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New Post
4/9/2014 12:07 PM

Thanks, as always, Cathal.

I definitely understand about the efficiency concerns - obviously, if it's slow, people won't use it. Still, I feel like there must be a way to achieve these varying goals. I'm mostly just thinking out loud here, but would it help if the user profile settings included an option for "Index for Search" or something that would tell the system to keep that (along with perhaps display name and email) in a special cache for rapid searching? Then, the "simple search" could just search that index? I don't know.

With that said, I think some of these suggestions could be done without too much trouble. For example, having a way to remove a third or fourth field from the advanced search seems like a simple design option. Also, since there is a way to filter by profile field already, why can't that be combined with a group filter? I suspect it means that it would always be running an advanced search, but that's often do-able, particularly on smaller sites.

As a minor other comment, it looks like there's no "loading" message for advanced searches - since they can take a second, that gets confusing.

Sorry to lump all of these together here, I just thought I'd see if anybody else had any thoughts on this stuff or if there were obvious problems I was missing rather than submitting them all.


New Post
4/9/2014 12:27 PM

actually we introduced user indexing in 7.2.0 so now users do get indexed as part of the lucene search (so you can search for them via the normal search bar).

As to the other items, they all sound sensible, and actually they're the type of things we'll be focussing on this year. Shaun blogged/email in the community newsletter that our focus this year is:

- Performance and Scalability

- Usability and User Experience

- Stability and Feature Depth

These fall into the "feature depth" bucket, where we will go back and enhance existing functions rather than focussing on adding new capabilities. I think this is a good approach as it's been a while since we added depth to features, and I think there are a lot of "quick wins" where we can make good functions great. As such I'd recommend you log them at

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New Post
4/10/2014 5:11 AM
Have a look at, it has a number of options and bypasses DNN API for performance.

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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