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5/3/2013 3:30 PM

Making progress with the store and like the product, but need help with a few questions:

Here’s the environment:
DNN 7.0.5
Store: 3.1.7 installed without source
Database SQLExpress 2008 R2
Testing is on a Host server, not local.
All products are virtual. Paypal is the only payment gateway. Testing using sandbox. There are no options for shipping or handling.
Over 90% of sales will be in US.


1.      There have been a few instances where we were testing and all appeared to go well with orders, the order is accepted and said it’s paid. The problem is that in these few instances, the order gets associated with a different user. For instance, the places the order, pays for it in PayPal, returns to the site and sees it’s order #1018 has been accepted and paid. However, when they click on download or order history, the order is not listed. If I log in as host, and go to Order under Store Admin and enter the order #1018, I find the order, the name and address and e-mail are correct, but if you look in the Customer dropdown list, it’s not the customer who ordered it. In some situations the name is blank and there is actually two blank slots in the customer dropdown list. In a few others, the name is the super user account. I can actually go to my account and it’ll be listed under my order history. If I look at the emails, they are correct. Here’s the last sequence of events when it occurred. This is first use after reboot.

Anonymous user goes to Store, selects products and click View my basket.
User Registers
User select to use Registration address
User continues through process and clicks confirm order.
User is connected to paypal and pays with the paypal account
User returns to site and see the message order accepted and paid and order # is 1018.
User clicks download and order is not there.
User clicks order history, no orders
The user receives these e-mails in this sequence:
        9:11AM You’ve been registered.
9:12AM This order (1018) has changed status to "Awaiting Payment".
9:12AM Thanks for placing the order notice.
9:16AM Status changed to Paid

The order of e-mails seems to be out of sequence – don’t know if that tells you anything. In anycase, the order is now associated with my super user account. Haven’t had a further occurrence today with another 15 orders or so.

            Any ideas of what is going on and how to correct it.

2.      I couldn’t see any way to issue a refund and in searching the forum here, it appears the method is a “Back Office Refund”. Does this mean we have to contact PayPal by e-mail to get a refund issued or send the person a check?

3.      At the contact step, the default is Select Billing Address. If this is used, the country doesn’t default based on IP address. Is there an option somewhere to default the country based on IP address when you enter the contact step?

4.      The continue and back links are just that, links. Is there a way to use buttons instead without modifying source code?

Any help or ideas here would be appreciated. Thanks for your time for looking at this.


HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsStoreStorePayPal questions before go livePayPal questions before go live

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