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7/6/2018 4:42 AM
                                                                                  Classified Pro 9.1 - eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization & DNN 9.2

    1.  Quick Links
    View User Manual  Download 60 days free trial   Buy it on DNN store

     Online store demos
     1 - (A Iran store which sells perfume)
     2 -  Dnn Module store (our live store to sell DNN modules)
     3 - Dnn Module subscriber (our live store to sell portal roles)
     4. (a charity site which accepts donate and sells charity meeting tickets)
     5. (a Italy site which sells iPhone/iPad/Mobile application)
     6. (a Russian site which sells antique and rare books)
     Auction web site demos
    1. English Auction (open ascending price auction)
    2. Sealed First-price Auction (first-price sealed-bid auction)
    3. Vickrey Auction (sealed-bid second-price auction)
    4. Second Item Auction (the only 1 auction which supports more than 1 quantity of product)

    Classified Ads demos:
    1. Publish news article and photo gallery
    2 - publish real estate
    3 - publish job listings
    4 - publish automobile (car)
    5 - publish documents
    6 - Location (country, state/province, city, and town) search support   

      2.  Introduction                  
     Classified Pro is an enterprise-class DNN module which helps you to create an online store, auction website and also publish classified ads as easy as ABC. It includes 16 sub modules and 1 skin object which provide many cool features, as follows:

    1. Powerful yet easy to use, v8.x introduces a new setup wizard to guide you to configure module step by step, all you need to do is just click “Next” to follow this wizard.

    2.  Supports Auctions, Fixed Price Products (standard store), and Classified Ad listings together. All listing formats can be turned on/off and configured through the Admin Control Panel.

    3. Supports nearly all auction types, include English auction (open ascending price auction), Sealed first-price auction, Vickrey auction, and Second item auction.

    4. Sell everything on your portal (portal roles / digital files / software / physical goods / virtual items / services...etc.).

    5. Content localization support, you can publish information (products/categories/tags, etc.) with multiple languages (e.g. English, French and Chinese) in same portal.

    6. Single Seller or Multi-Seller mode, authorized users can post their own products and attach videos/audio/photos/documents with them. Also support charge commission from seller sales. Since v7.3, sellers can also receive money using their own accounts.

    7. Seller can manage his own files. Module provides two upload methods: MS Silverlight upload control (allows uploading big size files) and Java Script upload control (PC and iPhone/iPad/Android/Mobile support). Also supports automatic conversion of user uploaded videos to .flv or h.264 format..

    8. Specify discounts based products / quantity / customer / coupon / date / first buyers / user roles. Discounts can be set to global level (site level) / seller level, or to a specific product. Also support manually modify price to offer discount.

    9. Allow client uploading files with his order (or his help ticket) to the seller, also allow seller uploading files as response.

    10. Template-driven layout and design. All sub modules are template based, module already includes 6 built-in templates, and you can create your own templates if necessary.

    11. Responsive layout support, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.

   12. Organize data with departments and categories. Site administrator can create unlimited custom attributes for product (listing), or disable unwanted built-in data fields. Also supports product options (variants) which buyer can choose while add items to the cart.

   13. Display products (listings) with data list, data grid, JQuery UI Tabs (26 tab style), JavaScript slideshow (11 slideshow effects), Adobe Flash slideshow.

   14. Online payment gateways include PayPal,, Stripe, Alipay (China), Google Checkout,  DineroMail, also supports Off-line check out via manual processing payment gateway. Recursive charge (subscribe) support.

   15. The new advanced search feature allows you to specify search conditions, you can search based every built-in data fields and also custom attributes which you create. It also fully integrates with DNN built-in search mechanism. V8.1 adds location (country, state/province, city, and town) search based customers' feedback.

   16. SEO friendly url / Google website map / Google Maps / Location (country, state/province, city, and town) / Amazon S3 file storage / DNN built-in journal support.

   17. RSS/Email support.

    18. There are 16 sub modules in package, but all data are manage via 1 single module (the Cp_Admin sub module), the other 15 sub modules are all used to display related data.

    19. Fully rewrote based DNN 9.2 framework.

      Check live demos which we listed in "1. Quick Links", you can also view other showcases which are submitted by our clients at

      We strongly recommend you to download 60 days trial version at, and test it on your site (local or official) before you buy. Please read “Classified Pro user guide.pdf" before configure it.
Please note, v9.1 is based DNN 9.2+. We also have other old versions which work under DNN 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x/9.0/9.1, please check them at

Over 20 + professional dnn modules for News Article, Store, Video Gallery, Photo Gallery, Ultra Flash Player,YouTube Video, Image Slide show, Skin Chameleon and much more from
HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityCommunity Membe...Community Membe...DNN 9.2 eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization module - Classified ProDNN 9.2 eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Content Localization module - Classified Pro

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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