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6/27/2018 2:12 AM

                                                          Cross Bulk Mailer 7.0 - DNN 9.2 newsletter & email marketing & social & contacts module, Amazon SES support

1.  Introduction            download 30 days free trial edition    View User Manual    Buy it on DNN store 

     Cross Bulk Mailer is an enterprise-level email processing module for DotNetNuke. By fully utilizing DNN schedule job features, it can help you to send over 10,000,000 emails easily than ever. It contains 2 sub modules (CrossMail_Admin and CrossMail_Opt-In) and provides many cool features to help you to process email marketing as easy as ABC, as follows:

    1. Multiple portals support. Super use can enable / disable email sending for each portal, and control other options like maximum mails per day / per hour, sending interval and whether they can use host defined SMTP server.

    2.  Multiple SMTP servers support. Site administrators can create multiple SMTP servers for their portals, and specify properties like server priority / maximum mails per day (per hour), etc.

    3.  Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) support. With Amazon SES, you can send huge emails (e.g. 5,000,000) per day in Cross Bulk Mailer module.

   4.  Advanced technical to send bulk mails (SMTP server pool, multiple threads and asynchronous). It uses DNN schedule jobs to perform all background actions (send bulk mails / synchronize recipients from roles / check bounce mail addresses, etc.). All you need to do is to provide valid SMTP servers, create newsletters which need to send, Cross Bulk Mailer module will handle other jobs. It will send only certain amount of emails per time, but keep on sending every n minutes, so it will delivery all your emails at last, but will not break your SMTP servers limitation.

    5. Advanced technical to track email read / open status, works on nearly 100% email client applications. You can track whether / when email is opened / read by recipients, and adjust your email marketing plan.

    6. Group newsletters and recipients with categories. Each category has its own recipients and suppression addresses. It can be bound to certain user roles and automatic retrieve recipients from them. The recipients can also be imported from MS Excel documents and csv files (or export as Excel file to download). And it doesn’t require you to install MS Excel on the web server.

    7. Allow site administrator to create extra attributes for the recipient, e.g. create an extra “Occupation” attribute for the recipient, and specify its value as “Teacher” for a recipient. These custom extra attributes can also be shown in CrossMail_Opt-In sub module.

    8. A newsletter can have multiple attachments. The newsletter content can be generated from external url / RSS feed / site page / site module, or copy from an email template / an existing newsletter. It also supports token replacement to personalize email content.
    9. Hyperlink tracking. You can create specific hyperlinks (e.g. and insert them into newsletters, module will track who (and when) click them while read emails. This is a great way to verify the effect of your email marketing.

   10. Automatic send birthday greeting emails to related recipients.

   11. Common features like Opt-In/Opt-Out, subscribe/unsubscribe/welcome notification and view mail online are also available.

   12. Bounce mail address (invalid mail addresses) automatic detection.

    13. Template based for CrossAdmin_Opt-In sub module, you can create your own mail Opt-In/Opt-Out display interface.

   Visit to download 30 days trial edition and test on your site. The trial edition has all features like official version and can be installed on official domain names.

   For live demo, please visit, enter your email address to subscribe our newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time). Also visit DoooX ( - the world's leading dental community with over 185.000 members. This site uses Cross Bulk Mailer module to send newsletter to its 185.000 registered members every month.

Note: v7.0 requires DNN 9.2+ to run.  If your sites are still under DNN 6.x/7.x/8.x/9.0/9.1, please check for other old versions.

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HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityCommunity Membe...Community Membe...DNN 9.2 newsletter & email marketing module - Cross Bulk Mailer 7.0DNN 9.2 newsletter & email marketing module - Cross Bulk Mailer 7.0

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