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Forum 4.4.3, What Do You Want Know?

I am not even sure what to write about with regards to the upcoming release. I have covered several things over the past months, written updates on in posts and updated the project page to post details about the release. Because I am stumped here, just leave a comment on what you would like to hear about and i will blog details about suggested items. Here is a list you can choose from:

Release Notes:

Version 04.04.03 of the core Forum module.
This release is only supported on DotNetNuke 4.4.0 or greater. This also requires the ASP.NET 2.0 framework and Visual Studio 2005 SP 1 for development.


FOR-2334 - Moderator Auditing - Exposed in seperate forum extension (Forum.TopModerators)
FOR-2372 - Member Directory exposed to users for first time. (Similar to contact directory)
FOR-2331 - Added Report Post ability.
FOR-2332 - Created IEmailQueueable for task scheduling of email sends. (Bulk sending in seperate thread using generic interface)
FOR-2371 - Added Private Messaging System.
FOR-3302 - Fixed word filter so it checks for empty string (validators) and make sure word attempting to add doesn't already exist.
FOR-3690 - All search is now filtered for SQL Injection attacks. None seemed to be possible in previous versions, but this will ensure that continues in future versions.
FOR-4040 - Fixed bug exposed by SQL Server 2005 using "My Posts" or searches.
FOR-4041 - Reworked search a bit to provide better results.
FOR-4115 - Moderator By Role (in addition to by user) this required a permission grid set similar to how module level permissions are handled but using another table too. (re
FOR-4116 - Moved per user settings security (moderator per forum) to new security class for single point of access control. Also handled per ModuleID now (meaning no more IsModerator).
FOR-4117 - Removed Gallery Integration Project.
FOR-4118 - Removed Forum Popup Project and replaced w/ DNNTextSuggest, DNNTree, New Permission Grid.
FOR-4119 - Using Core Permissions Grid for module permission control instead of requiring Registered Users to be in Edit Module roles.
FOR-4120 - Updated User Management to mimic core User Management, Includes ability to manage Forum Users that never visited the forum module.
FOR-4140 - Moved Statistics to seperate module. (Forum.TopThreads & Forum.TopUsers)
FOR-4121 - Moved the Forum Email Template System to the database. (Now allows editable subject, HTML body, Text body per template type)
FOR-4122 - Added TemplateType table. (Primarily for emails, open for expansion later)
FOR-4123 - Added Keyword Rendering System. (Primarily for Emails, open for expansion later)
FOR-4124 - Added Email Template Management UI. (Set at portal level using install default templates for each portal to start with)
FOR-4125 - Added check to make sure forum exists when retrieving RSS feeds, to avoid error by manual entry of forumid in querystring or deleted forum.
FOR-4126 - Added HTML/Text Email format per user for email notifications
FOR-4127 - Applied enhancement to change page title to post subject which allows better indexing by web crawlers.
FOR-4130 - Added Thread Status. This allows user to set an unresolved, resolved, informative, not specified status per post. This can be edited by the original thread author and moderators. It is enabled at the module level and can then be turned on/off at the specific forum level. (You can also set which post was the answer to help others) Also added this in threads view UI.
FOR-4131 - Altered the next/previous thread buttons and placed at top and bottom of post view pages. (Auto enable/disalbe to provide consistent UI)
FOR-4132 - Refined use of caching. (To use proper core pattern)
FOR-4133 - Refactored Info objects, use of caching, reduce database calls to improve performance.
FOR-4134 - Removed Statistics area from footer options, this is now handled as a seperate module. (Removed Stats/Footer area)
FOR-4135 - Removed What's New from footer options, this is now handled as a seperate module. (Removed Stats/Footer area)
FOR-4136 - Added ability to split threads.(Selecting which posts to take with it)
FOR-4137 - Duplicated URLController from core to create an avatar control. (Re
FOR-4138 - Sub Avatar management for Emoticon management.
FOR-4139 - Made What's New its own module. This allows users to place anywhere they wish. (Forum Add
FOR-4143 - Changed how avatars work, no longer using gallery project. (Using modules new URLController)
FOR-4145 - Deleted User Critical Bug
FOR-4146 - ReplaceCaseInsensitive Method - Null checking
FOR-4147 - GetWords Caching Code Pattern
FOR-4149 - GetUser - Caching Code Pattern
FOR-4151 - Changed response.redirect(string) to response.redirect(string, Boolean) to avoid Thread was being aborted erors.
FOR-4153 - Add DateAPproved Column on Posts table - Search Indexing
FOR-4260 - Forum display fails for Active Directory Validated Users.
FOR-4801 - Corrected bug where users can manually edit forumid in querystring to post in restricted posting forums.
FOR-4802 - Added ability to make all users trusted by default.
FOR-4803 - Corrected many UI issues (Cross
FOR-4804 - Changed paging logic to handle users coming directly to a post. (Regardless of their view, should see right post) Changed links to handle this.
FOR-4805 - Added search from post view for that particular forum.
FOR-4806 - Changed "Mark Threads Read" checkbox to a linkbutton for usability reasons.
FOR-4807 - Removed all items around involving xml templates, forum template control, forum menu, Resources folder.
FOR-4808 - Changed thread ratings scale from 0
FOR-4809 - Changed user post level rankings from 1
FOR-4810 - Made source distro package installable as normal PA installable module. (means vb files and all project related files are included in package too)
FOR-4811 - Added new theme, Default, changed default theme to this theme in pre
FOR-4812 - Changed it so adding/updating a forum takes you back to the manage forums/groups screen.
FOR-4813 - Added new series of thread status icons for various thread options.
FOR-4814 - Added Private Moderated Forum Icons w/ new/old Status.
FOR-4815 - Added Aggregated Forum Icon.
FOR-4816 - Fixed bug shown when all forums were deleted from a module instance.
FOR-4817 - Fixed bug where selecting a rating did not post back the updated rating image.
FOR-4818 - Made forum user profile dependant on PortalID. This allows for use across multiple portals and each user having a profile based on that portal.
FOR-4819 - Converted development base to ASP.NET 2.0 WAP Project. (includes reorganization, combining w/ dataprovider project, minimizing warnings)
FOR-4821 - Cleaned up localization.
FOR-4822 - Started XHTML compliance changes.
FOR-4823 - Added ability to select a default forum at the tabmodule level, removed from forum config. (Previously done by simply ModuleID)
FOR-4824 - Added Ability to select Aggregated as a Default Group in TabModuleSettings.
FOR-4885 - Made forum name links in Search/MyPosts/Aggregated Forum View clickable links.
FOR-4886 - Added 100 character description of last post when over its link in thread view, search results view. (As Title of link)
FOR-5385 - Added ability to copy permissions from an existing forum and apply to a different forum.
FOR-5386 - Added "Link" type forums, which are just links to a url. Uses core URL Control.
FOR-5388 - Add search variable "Thread Status".
FOR-5389 - Add transparent png support using javascript (for IE 5.5 or 6 versions)
FOR-5390 - Added ability for administrators to change title (tooltip) displayed for rankings.
FOR-5391 - Added ability for administrators to set if they want to use icon or text for post ranking in user profile/post author info.
FOR-5392 - Added ability for administrators to change title (tooltip) displayed for post ratings.
FOR-5393 - Added ability for icon bar to be rendered as links or as images.
FOR-5394 - Added Trust Locking. (Prohibits moderators from altering trust level of a specific user)
FOR-5395 - Added option for administrators to lock the trust setting automatically for all new users.
FOR-5396 - Added search from thread view for that particular forum.
FOR-5397 - Added ability for moderators and administrators to edit user signatures from a user's forum profile. (Similar to trusting feature)
FOR-5398 - Added ability for administrators to set if moderators can alter user signatures.
FOR-5399 - Added ability to disable HTML signatures and render text only.
FOR-5400 - Added ability for administrators to enable/disable user signatures at the module lev
FOR-5401 - Fixed Posts to moderate count issues.
FOR-5402 - Fixed last post showing in group view when it was not approved yet. (waiting for moderation)
FOR-5403 - Add link to aggregated forum in iconbar and remove from breadcrumb.
FOR-5404 - Fixed breadcrumb navigating to wrong TabID.
FOR-5405 - Fixed Add Moderator Issues.
FOR-5406 - Allow users to edit their own posts if untrusted in non
FOR-5407 - Add cachetime node to .dnn file and set to 0
FOR-5408 - Add compatibleversion node to .dnn file and set to 4.4.0.
FOR-5409 - Updated build file for core module release process packaging.
FOR-5414 - Fixed bug in "Today" & "Yesterday" to now work properly.
FOR-5685 - Removeded use of session
FOR-5686 - Drastically reduced number of db hits by depending more on cache where applicable.
FOR-5687 - Use default_collation on temp table creation for nvarchar columns, ntext, etc.
FOR-5963 - Moved per user moderator/forum permissions to Forum Permissions Grid (mimics core implementation)
FOR-5964 - Added nofollow configuration option for user website links in posts and forum profile view.
FOR-5965 - Added ability to enable/disable the overwriting of the page title by the forum system when in threads or posts view.
FOR-5976 - Aggregated Forum Syndication
FOR-5977 - RSS/Latest Posts Caching
FOR-5978 - RSS Feeds to use FURL's
FOR-5979 - Implementation of ISearchable Sucks
FOR-5980 - Clear out no longer needed sprocs
FOR-5981 - ISearchable Results to Standard Posts View
FOR-6122 - Added "No Replies" capability for all forum views.
FOR-6123 - Added Polling feature. Can be turned on/off at the forum level.
FOR-6137 - Corrected problem where users could receive notifications after being removed from a role, or a private forum.


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