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DotNetNuke Training Program Update and Changes

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been here at DotNetNuke Corporation now for just over 14 months. In May 2010 we started offering our DotNetNuke Training webinars on a regular basis, this program has been rather successful in it’s first year.

Over the past year we’ve basically offered four core webinars, Portal Admin, Content Admin, Module Dev and Skinning. These were offered on a monthly or semi-monthly basis for the past year. Anyone who paid for one of these courses got access to the recordings for the course for 30 days after they were delivered. This has worked out well from a training perspective, you can see some of the feedback we’ve received from various students over the past year on the Instructor page. Due to the frequency of the courses and the limited bandwidth I have as the sole deliverer of those materials, we haven’t been able to grow our training materials and offer new courses as I would have liked.

Going forward though we are changing things around. For the past couple of months we here at DotNetNuke Corporation have been selling a DotNetNuke Training Subscription to Professional and Enterprise Edition customers. This subscription has been well received and provided a well received offering to those customers who need training on their schedule, not on our schedule of live offerings.

We are proud to announce that the Training Subscription is now open to anyone in the DotNetNuke Community, you don’t have to be a Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition customer to access the subscription.

DotNetNuke Training Subscriptions

Basically the way it works is that for a set price a customer can buy a “seat” in our training program that gets a student access to any of the recordings we have from our previous and future training sessions, as well as the ability to register for any live training webinars that we offer during the time of their subscription.

The subscription runs for a year, and is priced considerably cheaper than accessing the individual courses. If you wanted to sign up for our four “core” courses you would pay a list price of $2700/person, with the subscription you can access all of those courses, plus others, for a year, for $999/person.

Here are the details for the training subscription program, which is available now to both Community Edition users, as well as our Professional and Enterprise customers.

For an annual subscription fee of $999 you get access to

  • Over 80 hours of previous webinar recordings (growing on a monthly basis)
  • Access to any new upcoming training webinars. We plan to offer new training webinars every month. A list of webinars being offered in May 2011 can be seen below.
  • Access to our attend our live “core” training webinars. We will continue to offer and update our Portal Administration and Configuration, Content Administration, Module Development, Skinning courses with new content as they relate to new releases of the platform. We will be offering this courses at least once every 6 months, though probably more frequently than that. Our next round for these 4 start in June and run through July.
  • Live webinar access provides you the ability to ask questions of the instructor, providing you a much richer experience than just watching recordings. You can ask questions as they relate to your websites and projects, getting answers you wouldn’t find anywhere else.
  • Suggest a Webinar, a new feature that we will be implementing in the coming months, this will allow subscribers to request webinar topics, while we won’t be able to do a webinar for every suggestion, you will see more sessions that relate directly to customer feedback.

    We are working on getting the Subscription listed and on SnowCovered with our core courses, until we do you can get signed up for the Training Subscription by contacting our Sales team for more information.

    NOTE: If you are a Professional or Enterprise Edition customer you should check with your sales representative or Customer Care for special pricing on the training subscription.

    Upcoming Webinars

    Starting this month we are offering new shorter webinars, to go along with our “core” webinars. The firs four webinars are listed below, along with the date they will be offered. Recordings for these will be available after delivery.

    • SiteMap Configuration and Customization (5/11/11)
    • Introduction to Content Localization (5/12/11)
    • Using MSBuild to Automate Module Development Packaging (5/18/11)
    • Introduction to MVP Development Templates (5/19/11)

    Previous Recordings

    Here is a listing of previous webinar recordings that you will immediately have access to when signing up for our Training Subscription. This list will grow each and every month as we offer new short webinars.

    • Portal Administration and Configuration
    • Content Administration
    • Skinning
    • Module Development
      • Content Item Integration
    • Short Webinars
      • Advanced Email in DotNetNuke
      • Basic Module Development
      • DotNetNuke Best Practices
      • Customizing Workflow in DotNetNuke
      • How to Upgrade DotNetNuke
      • Introduction to DotNetNuke Skinning
      • Professional Edition Configuration


    Training Feedback

    We are always open to new ideas, so if you have something you would like to see from the training program feel free to email me at [email protected]


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    What is Liquid Content?
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