SQL Tools

submit sql query

Gain access to Evoq's database server.

To gather analytical data or troubleshoot issues, Evoq gives host users direct access to its underlying database server.

Submit SQL queries via our simple user interface, then see the query results in the same window.


makes troubleshooting easy

Facilitates Troubleshooting

Submit queries directly to Evoq's database server in order to troubleshoot performance or systems issues. The query results can provide clues to the underyling causes.

increase conversions


Submit database queries without having to leave Evoq and access a separate tool. Gain access to Evoq's database while you're actively performing site maintenance.

How to Use

how to administer

How to Access

Host users access the Host menu, then select SQL. From there, the SQL query can be entered into the input area.

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Load Queries from a File

For more complex queries, Evoq permits administrators to load the SQL from an external file. Click Load File, then select the file containing your SQL.

Submit SQL queries directly from Evoq.

Evoq makes it easy to query its database server for troubleshooting and other purposes. 

submit sql query        sql query results

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