Engagement Analytics Dashboards

Evoq - engagement analytics dashboards

Insights-driven dashboards to stay on top of community engagement.

To stay on top of things, community managers need powerful, yet easy-to-use analytics dashboards. Evoq provides dashboards purpose-built for community managers, empowering them to keep their fingers on the pulse of members and their activity.


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Increase Engagement

Evoq's dashboards help you nderstand what is working and where the trouble spots are, so you can quickly adjust and monitor the impact. Use data-driven decisions to increase engagement.

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Sustain Member Engagement

People thrive on instant gratification. The faster you respond to community members, the more satisfied and engaged they will be. Evoq's engagement dashboards help you do just that.

How to Use

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How to Access

From the persona bar, Community Managers can click on Dashboard. The Overview dashboard provides a comprehensive view of engagement metrics. Individual dashboards for each community area (e.g. Answers, Wiki, Discussions, etc.) are also available.

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Analytics Dashboard

Use the Comparative Term drop-down to adjust the time period for reports. The dashboards can compare the current period to the past week, month or year.

Stay on top of what's happening.

Evoq provides an assortment of engagement dashboards to help with proactive management of your community site. 

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