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Invite members to be a part of the conversation on your site.

Imagine talking to someone when you're not permitted to talk yourself. That's a one-way conversation. With Evoq's comments feature, we facilitate two-way conversations among community members.

Commenting is built in to all of our community features, including Answers, Publisher, Ideas and Activity Feed. Comments submitted by visitors keeps the conversation going and the community engaged.


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Increase User Activity

Similar to our comments feature, Content Rating gives members a voice, enabling them to share their feedback on posts, ideas and more.

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Surface Influencers

Content Ratings enable your community's influencers to come to the surface: users receiving frequent and positive ratings will see themselves with added privileges and higher standing on the leaderboard.

How to Use

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How to Access

Comments are included in all community features. There is no set-up needed to enable Comments. They can be disabled as needed.

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Applying Ratings to Gamification

Many of our gamification scoring actions involve content rating (e.g. providing an answer that another user "liked"). Community managers can adjust the influence point scores for particular actions.

Comments help spur conversation and dialog.

Comments are built-in to most of Evoq's community features. They create more engagement and conversation among your site members. 

Comments on an activity feed post         Ideas post with comments

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Increase user engagement using Evoq's gamification engine.

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Influence Score

Understand the quantitative influence for each member of the community.



Evoq provides 25+ built-in privileges, which must be unlocked via reputation points.


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It’s a serious undertaking to design, build and launch a killer website.

Our white paper details the steps required to make it happen.

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In a custom demo, we can show you how to manage templates in Evoq, along with other capabilities you're interested in.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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