Evoq's list of badges

Incentivize members with badges.

As young girl scouts or boy scouts, we learned new skills or competencies in order to receive a badge. We'd proudly affix the badge to our uniform or sash.

Evoq provides the digital analog of these badges. They're a way to incentivize your members to take desired actions. Evoq ships with a set of default badges and gives you the option of creating custom badges.


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Increased Activity

Badges are goals and we all love goals! Community sites with badges see higher levels of activity than those without them.

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Get Users to Take Your Desired Actions

Custom badges enable you to define a specific set of actions that you'd like to see in your community. Evoq validates that members complete those actions, the awards them with the badge.

How to Use

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How to Access

From the persona bar as a Community Manager, visit Settings -> Gaming, then select the Badges tab. You can edit the settings of individual badges, or create a custom badge from scratch.

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Custom Badges

Create a custom badge in three steps: define basic information for the badge; assign scoring actions; and finally, set the goals for the badge.

Because users want those badges of honor.

Use built-in and custom badges to drive higher activity and engagement on your community site. 

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