Advocate Marketing

Evoq advocate marketing

Activate the brand advocates already on your site.

How can you expand the reach of your content, multiplying it by the power of 100, 1000, or more? Tap the social networks of your customers, partners, employees, and any other fans in your corner.

Evoq helps you activate the brand advocates already on your website, by rewarding them for sharing your content on their personal LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


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Increased Traffic via Social Sharing

Evoq's Social Network Share Challenge encourages users to share your content to their social networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The result? More traffic to your site, courtesy of your users'.

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Incentivize Users to Complete Their Profiles

Completed user profiles leads to more engagement and trust: seeing users' photos and bios helps us get to know them quicker. Evoq's Profile Completion Challenge encourages more users to enter a bio and upload a photo.

How to Use

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How to Access

On any page that has the Challenges module installed, Community Managers can create a new Challenge. There are a number of Challenge Types available, including Social Network Share, Content Creation and Profile Completion.

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Analytics Dashboard

A Challenges analytics dashboard highlights areas for investigation, such as Challenges with no acceptances and Challenges with no completions. The dashboard also displays the top community users participating in Challenges.

Challenge your users to become more involved.

Evoq provides an assortment of "challenges" that you can create to encourage members to take desired actions. 

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Related Features



Increase user engagement using Evoq's gamification engine.

influence score

Influence Score

Understand the quantitative influence for each member of the community.



Evoq provides 25+ built-in privileges, which must be unlocked via reputation points.


white paper - select a cms for your intranetWHITE PAPER:
5 Keys to Launching a Killer Website

It’s a serious undertaking to design, build and launch a killer website.

Our white paper details the steps required to make it happen.

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In a custom demo, we can show you how to manage templates in Evoq, along with other capabilities you're interested in.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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