Activity Feed

activity feed

See what's happening in the community.

It started with Facebook and was adopted by LinkedIn and many other sites: the activity feed. It's the central location for seeing what's happening.

On your Evoq site, the Activity Feed provides a real-time view of user engagement: ideas submitted, ideas liked, questions answered, posts published and much more.


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Increased User Engagement

When users visit the Activity Feed, they're able to see what's happening in the community. They'll be able to see the latest idea or post and engage with it directly from the feed.

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More Informed Users

Whether you're managing a website or an intranet, the Activity Feed keeps users better informed. By regularly visiting the feed, they can stay current on the key information shared within the community.

How to Use

how to access

How to Access

Activity Feed is a built-in Evoq module that can be added to any page. As a Content Manager or Host user, select Add Module. The module will be labeled Activity Stream.

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Configuring Permissions

Host users can configure the user roles who are enabled to add the Activity Stream module to a page. In addition, Host users can configure permissions for an individual user.

With activity feeds, users never miss a thing.

Activity feeds help users stay on top of what's happening on your site, from new ideas, to new blog posts and more. 

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