SiteMap provider for the Events Module

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  • 4/7/2015



SiteMap provider for the Events Module

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DotNetNuke delivers a SiteMap provider which automates the generation of a sitemap for your sites core menu structure. Fortunately the core also allows for extensibility of SiteMaps.

In Events 5.2.0 we have added the functionality to take advantage of the core extensibility. The SiteMap can be enabled in the module settings under SiteMap Settings. This section also allows you to set the following options:-
  • SiteMap Priority - The priority set for the calendar item in the sitemap
  • Days Before - The number of days before the current date to be included in the sitemap
  • Days After - The number of days after the current date to be included in the sitemap

The following line will be added to the sitemap section of your web.config when you install Events 5.2.0, and is required to enable the provider:-
<add name="DNNEventsSitemapProvider" type="DotNetNuke.Modules.Events.Providers.SiteMap, DotNetNuke.Modules.Events" providerPath="~\DesktopModules\Events\Components\" />

After your have upgraded the module and enabled the sitemap in the module settings, you should then be able to go to the Search Engine Sitemap page in the Admin menu and see that the DNNEventsSitemapProvider is enabled. Once you clear the cache using the option on the page, you should be able to click on the sitemap link at the top of the page and see your entries in the sitemap.
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