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Formerly Included Modules

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  • 4/7/2015



Formerly Included Modules

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Starting with DNN 6, there is only one content module that comes with the DotNetNuke Platform: HTML, besides the core framework includes the new Social Modules (Journal, Membership Directory and Social Groups and all admin modules.

Besides there are also thousands that you can download or purchase separate from the application itself.

Starting with its predecessor IBuySpyPortal up to version 5 of the framework a number of modules had been included with DNN. With introduction of DNN 3, these modules had been separated from the core framework code and maintained by volunteer teams. These modules are still available for free download on Codeplex and a couple of them are still maintaned by these teams very actively. Below you will find a list of the formerly included core modules with a short description and relevant links.

NameDescriptionCurrent StateProject Home
AnnouncementsBasic Announcements module provides functionality to display and archive announcements. Inactive since 2009.Forge Project Home
BlogBlogging module allows you to setup blogs for individual users. Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
ChatA basic module for Live Chat on your DotNetNuke based website.Currently no release version available.Forge Project Home
ContactsDotNetNuke® Contacts is a basic module used for displaying a list of contacts on your DNN site. The module was "sunsetted" several years ago. Use Form and List module instead.Forge Project Home
DocumentsDotNetNuke® Documents is a basic module used for managing downloadable files on your DNN site.Actively maintainedForge Project Home
EventsThe Events module is part of the standard core modules of DotNetNuke, the web content management system and web application framework. DotNetNuke® Events manages display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format with additional information and links set to automatically expire or re-occur by days, weeks, months or years.Maintained by a very active team.Forge Project Home
FAQDotNetNuke® FAQ is a basic module used for displaying frequently asked questions on your DNN site. Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
FeedbackDotNetNuke® Feedback is a basic module used for accepting user inquiries on your DNN site. Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
Form and ListDotNetNuke® User Defined Table (now called Form and List) is a rich module for creating / managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc. on your DNN site. Table data can be displayed in a grid format or using xsl transformations.Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
ForumDotNetNuke® Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums, private message and email notification of posts on your DNN site. Further development of this module has been stopped in favour of Active Forums module, which became Open Source after its acquision by DotNetNuke Corp.Forge Project Home
GalleryDotNetNuke® Gallery is a basic module used for displaying images on your DotNetNuke site. inactiveForge Project Home
HelpDotNetNuke® Help is a module suite used for displaying categories and tutorials on your DNN site.Still maintainedForge Project Home
IFrameDotNetNuke® IFrame is a rich module used for embedding an internal/external URL on your DNN site. Still maintained.Forge Project Home
LinksDotNetNuke® Links is a basic module used for displaying navigational links on your DNN site. Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
MapDotNetNuke® Map is a module which provides a mashup for any custom data into the Google Map API for displaying informative maps on your DNN site. No release since 2008.Forge Project Home
MediaDotNetNuke® Media is a basic module used for displaying various media formats (audio / video) on your DNN site.Actively maintainedForge Project Home
News FeedsDotNetNuke® News Feeds is a module used for displaying aggregated news feeds your DNN site.Actively maintainedForge Project Home
ReportsDotNetNuke® Reports module provides a simple, but flexible, view on your database. SuperUsers can develop reports by building a SQL Query and displaying it with one of the Visualizers built-in to the module or a 3rd-party Visualizer.No release since 2008.Forge Project Home
RepositoryDotNetNuke® Repository is a rich module used for managing and displaying rich collections of images, files, llinks, etc. on your DNN site. Includes user rating, comments, templating and skinning.Actively maintainedForge Project Home
StoreDotNetNuke® Store is a rich module suite which enables you to sell products on your DNN site. Out of the box support for either Authorize.Net or PayPal, includes categories, products, mini cart, full shopping cart, reviews, order history and user provided gateways.Actively maintainedForge Project Home
SurveyDotNetNuke® Survey is a basic module used for conducting user surveys on your DNN site. Inactive since August 2011Forge Project Home
Users OnlineDotNetNuke® Users Online module displays information about users on your DNN site including total membership, number of users online now, online user list. No activity since 2010Forge Project Home
WikiDotNetNuke® Wiki is a module which provides basic wiki functionality for your DNN site. Still maintainedForge Project Home
XMLDotNetNuke® XML is a rich module used for displaying XML transformations on your DNN site.Actively maintained.Forge Project Home
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