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The default.css file is the first CSS file to be loaded when your browser loads a DotNetNuke webpage. This file controls all the fundamental styles of every html element and lays the foundation for what skins can be built off of. This is also responsible for establishing a basic appearance for many of DNNs default controls.

Default.css Structure

Default.css ( in DNN 7.0 ) is structured as follows:

  • Reset ( Eric Meyer – 2011-10-26 )
  • Typographical styles: headers, paragraph, blockquote, anchors, images, lists, dnn messages)
  • Feature Styles: tables (DNN and standard), pagination, form inputs ( DNN and standard ), Button Styles ( DNN and standard ), taxonomy, tags, tabs, tooltip, form elements, popup, url, wizard, DNN grid, file picker, drag’n drop, accordion, vertical tabs, scrollbar, upgrade fixes, getting started
  • Generic Classes: float left, float right, dnn floats.

One of the major difference between 7.0 and 6.0 default.css was that we had abstracted admin only styles for DNN as well as styles for accommodating browser inconsistencies (specifically Internet Explorer) into their own stylesheets. This was done in order to improve the efficiency of DotNetNuke as well as reduce the number of non-standards style declarations within the default.css.

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