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Whether you’re an editor, administrator, designer or developer, you may require product-specific training on DNN Solutions. Our training team includes experts on web content management and social communities, along with ninja-level status in the Evoq Suite. We have a variety of training options available to suit your needs.

Get DNN training on Evoq Content and Evoq Social

Training for Designers

The training course for designers is a two day training session. The skinning curriculum is designed to give you the full understanding of the of the most flexible and robust skinning engine architecture available and also covers the best practices of building skins (designs) for your Evoq website.


Prerequisites: You must have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. JavaScript would be helpful too.
Duration: 2 days

This skinning course will give you an overview of the essential information that you need to take advantage of the DNN skinning engine. You will learn how to create, install, and utilize skins and containers in this two day course.

The topics you will master include:

  • Skinning Engine Overview
  • Anatomy of a Skin
  • Third Party Skins
  • Default CSS
  • Creating a Skin
  • Skin Objects
  • CSS Precendence
  • Creating a Container
  • HTML vs. ASCX
  • Navigation Options
  • Dynamic Designs
  • Best Practices for Naming Conventions

Training for Developers

Developers of all levels will find that they can productively extend Evoq by building custom modules and customizing existing modules to meet project requirements. This training course is designed to produce efficient module developers. At the end of this course, you should not only be proficient at building modules, but also have all of the background knowledge to be able to extend Evoq using only best practices.

Module Development

Prerequisites: You should have a solid understanding of the ASP.Net HTTP Pipeline and know T-SQL, VB.Net and/or C# for ASP.Net web forms. Knowledge of how to administrate Evoq would be helpful.
Duration: 2 days

As a module developer you will be expected to deliver highly functional and integrated mini-applications for your website. Modules are the most common way to do this. Before you get started with your first module, you might feel that you need this initial bit of training to get yourself familiar with working within the Evoq framework. The module development course is meant to give you that needed confidence to churn out world-class modules.

The following topics are but only a few of those you'll master:

  • Development Environment
  • Module Architecture
  • Module User Controls
  • Localization (multi-lingual site development)
  • Module Styling
  • Navigation
  • Data Access Layer Options
  • Content Items
  • DAL2
  • Module Packaging
  • Module Deployment
  • Best Practices for Module Developers
  • Extension Points

Training for Content Editors and Site Administrators

The training for content editors and site administrators is usually given the same day. Each class typically lasts half a day and is perfect to get the team of people that will be running your website up to speed in hours instead of days or weeks.

Content Administration

Prerequisites: You must be able to click on links and buttons.
Duration: 0.5 days

Content editors are the owners of the content that you want to be maintained. As a content owner, you may be expected to do common tasks such as creating web pages, creating new content, maintaining content, and managing digital assets such as documents.

The Content Administration course begins at half a day and takes you a deep dive on topics such as:

  • Users and Security
  • Pages and Modules
  • Commonly Used Modules
  • Best Practices of Editing Content
  • Tips and Tricks to be Highly Productive

Site Administration & Configuration

Prerequisites: You need to have a high-level understanding of how pages and websites work. No technical knowledge is necessary.
Duration: 0.5 days

Your primary responsibility as the administrator of a website is quite simply to make sure everything is running smoothly. Administrators manage numerous things including managing users and user security, defining login & registration, determine the hierarchy of pages, and even some content editing. Basically, you may end up doing a little bit of everything.

Site Administration & Configuration begins as a half day course and includes the following topics:

  • Installation
  • Site Management
  • Page Management
  • Module and Containers
  • Security Configuration
  • File Management
  • Event Viewer
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Best Practices for Administration
  • Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Smooth-Running Site

Three great learning tracks. Two great ways to enroll.

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What past students think of our training program.

“Great training - I am now ready to create all the skins I couldn't find. Thank you for a great session!” –Ayda W., VA, USA

“DotNetNuke did a good job of selecting a knowledgeable and helpful trainer. He successfully taught the webinars in a way that related to all levels of skill and experience. Whether you're in IT or marketing, you can take this webinar and walk away with a better understanding of the CMS.” -Anonymous

“The Training was Great! Really helped in setting the foundation for module development.” –Ryan C., NY, USA

"This training would have saved me weeks tinkering with DNN, if i would have attended training before skinning/building an entire DNN site for a client." - Anonymous, TX, USA

“The training that Chris provided was right on target.” -Marshall H., WI, USA

Meet our knowledgable instructor.

Clint Patterson
Clint on LinkedIn Clint on Twitter

Clint Patterson

Training Program Instructor

Clint Patterson is a .NET developer with a strong focus on the DNN Platform. With over 12 years in web design Clint has seen the growth and evolution of DNN. He is very active in the open source community and consistently contributes forum posts, blogs, and videos to the greater DNN Community. Clint has experience with module development, but spends the majority of his time on the front end designing and creating Evoq skins utilizing Adobe’s Creative Suite, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, & JQuery along with administering and configuring DNN as an application.

Clint is the Vice President and evangelist of the Queen City DNN User’s Group, the group behind the 2012 Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke and the 2013 Southern Fried DNN Conference. The QCDUG is one of the most active DNN user groups and is integrating DNN with local schools in the Charlotte area largely due to Clint’s passion for education. Clint was the 2012 DNN SuperFan award winner and also a 2012 DNN MVP. In December of 2012, Clint joined DNN Corp as a Sales Engineer.Clint has a Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems(’03) and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Communication(’09).

Clint’s hobbies consist of hunting, fishing, and all sports. Clint speaks fluent Spanish and resides in Rock Hill, SC with his beautiful wife Holly.

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