How to Set Up a New Evoq Website

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Presenter(s): Zoe Dong, Sales Engineer
Skill Level: All
Target Audience: All

Before deploying a CMS to end users, the IT team must first perform some basic setup: it’s analogous to laying the foundation of a house before building the bedrooms.

In this interactive webinar, DNN’s Zoe Dong will show the typical sequence of steps to set up a new intranet or website in Evoq. Zoe will show how to:

Assign key pages
Create users
Create roles
Assign users to roles
Create workflows
Create pages
Assign permissions to pages
Create a page template from a page
Adding a module
Configuring a module
Configure the sitemap

After attending this webinar, you’ll be prepared to set up your Evoq intranet or website.

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