How to Make the Most of Google Analytics on Your Evoq Site

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Presenter(s): Bruce Chapman, DNN Product Manager
Skill Level: All
Target Audience: All

Evoq 9 provides site-level and page-level web analytics, using data from Google Analytics. Evoq’s analytics appear as a convenient overlay that’s delivered in-context to the page you’re visiting. This makes it easy to visit a page and see key metrics in a single dashboard, such as:

- Traffic
- Engagement
- Performance relative to the rest of the site
- Visitors by segment
- Visitor flow (where are visitors going next)
- Goals and conversions

Finding the same insights in Google Analytics requires navigating to four or more reports. In this webinar, DNN Product Manager Bruce Chapman details four steps to success with Evoq and Google Analytics:

1. Configure Evoq’s built-in Google Analytics connector
2. Create Conversions to track
3. Check site and page-level analytics regularly, determining which actions require follow-up
4. Use analytics insights to inform content creation

After attending this webinar, you’ll understand the benefits of Evoq 9 Analytics and receive a prescriptive list of steps to get started right away.

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