Evoq Features You’re Missing Out On (and How to Take Advantage)

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Presenter(s): Will Morgenweck, VP of Product Management and Shawn McGillivray, Customer Success Manager
Skill Level: All
Target Audience: Customers Only

Exclusive webinar for Evoq customers

As an Evoq license holder, you’re always entitled to the latest version of the software as part of your subscription. If you're not running Evoq 9, you’re missing out on features that may be essential to the success of your site. For example:

- Form Builder, a new drag-and-drop interface for building, managing and hosting forms
- In-page Analytics, which deliver key insights about site, or individual pages
- Re-imagined Admin Experience, which delivers a consistent UI across host users, content managers and content editors
- Deep integration with MailChimp

Many customers tell me that they want to upgrade, but there are dependencies (e.g. third party modules) that tie them to an older version. That’s why I’ve invited Shawn McGillivray from our Customer Success Team. Shawn is a Senior Customer Success Engineer who’s worked on numerous Evoq upgrades.

Shawn will cover:

- How to prepare for the upgrade
- How to identify dependencies with third party modules installed on your site
- How to stage the upgrade
- How to take corrective action on third party modules (if needed)
- Backup and roll-back procedures

I’d really like to see you on the latest version of Evoq. If you decide to upgrade, we’re here to assist. Shawn and his colleagues on the Customer Success team are more than happy to help.

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