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Collaboration tools to boost employee engagement.

Farewell, static intranet. You once served a purpose, but today’s employees want more than static pages.

Today’s employees want enterprise social networks that help them find a subject matter expert to answer their question. They want collaboration tools that enable peer-to-peer communication. In short, they want a social intranet!

Evoq Intranet is loaded with collaboration tools to deliver on the needs of today’s workers:

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Foster collaboration in social groups and communities. Evoq’s full range of collaboration tools are available within each group, providing a focused area for collaboration. Groups can be "open," "private" and "secret."

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Empower employees to submit an idea about an HR process or for your next great product. Submitted ideas receive feedback in the form of likes, votes and comments. Voting ensures that the best ideas rise to the top.

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Got a question that your intranet doesn’t answer? Time to ask your colleagues by posting the question online. As subject matter experts provide the answers, the entire thread is preserved. This helps answer the same question the next time it arises.

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Details about trade shows, town hall meetings and shareholder meetings can be listed on your intranet. Employees can RSVP to an event listing and leave comments.

activity feed


One of the most popular areas of your intranet: a reverse chronological display of shared links, uploaded photos, discussions, ideas and more. Employees can like and comment on entries in the feed.

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Blogs can be created for departments and for individual employees. Give your employees a voice by empowering them to publish posts about their projects and expertise. DNN's employees publish blog posts. Have you visited our blog?

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Employees can collaborate on articles, project plans, meeting notes, competitive intelligence and more using an intuitive web page editor. Change management is addressed via workflow and version history.



An online forum for employees to discuss assorted topics, from the latest HR policy to this quarter’s business goals. Discussions turn your intranet into the home base for employee dialog.

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