Employee Intranet

Unify Your Global Workforce and Boost Productivity With An Online Employee Community.

Running a business like a well-oiled machine gets difficult when “parts” are scattered all over. How do you foster collaboration when your workforce is comprised of globally distributed teams, road warriors, and work-from-homers?

Evoq is an employee intranet software solution that connects workers with the people and information they need to get the job done, gets them in tune with company strategies, and helps create a culture that will attract and retain top talent. Evoq can help your employees be more productive and engaged - whether they're working across the hall or across the globe.

Create an Employee Intranet with a Free Test Drive
member engagement

Connect and engage employees for better productivity, deeper commitment, and tighter collaboration.

employee collaboration

Share vision and get buy-in on company objectives

Let employees in on company strategies and plans. Share where the company is headed and how they can contribute to the journey. Enable management to easily solicit input—and respond more effectively to it.

Increase employee collaboration across the distributed enterprise

Expose all employees to the experts among them, multiplying the reach and impact of that expertise. Offer a platform to share tips, ideas, and best practices that will help other teams be more productive. Enable immediate and effective collaboration and connect employees with the right internal subject matter experts, no matter where they are.

Make it fast and easy to find the right materials and resources

Provide convenient access to the documents, templates, manuals, and other resources that employees need to do their jobs—whether they’re on the road, at home, or in corporate headquarters.

Reduce unproductive downtime and keep projects moving

Help employees who are stuck ask questions, get answers, and move forward. Reduce downtime by giving employees a fast way to find fixes and work-arounds. Encourage employees to help each other solve common problems on their own, reducing the impact to internal help centers and resources.

Enable employees to establish deeper connections

50% of millennials say having friendships at work makes them happier and more productive. Facilitate the sort of lasting connections that improve job satisfaction and deepen employee commitment to the company.

Build your employee social network with these key features in Evoq.

community collaboration

employee collaboration

Give employees a rich forum for interaction and collaboration via specific content modules like Discussions, Wikis, Answers, and Ideas.

community management

Community Management

Get all the tools needed to cultivate an active employee intranet: sophisticated moderation controls, gaming mechanics, analytics, task management, and more.

mobile ready

Mobile Ready

Complete mobile feature set lets you build a mobile-optimized site, so your workforce can connect with their colleagues in a secure community, on any device, from anywhere.

employee profiles


Enable employees to build their identities in the community. Profiles can be personalized with photo and contact information, as well as display community points, reputation, and standing.

secure user accounts


Manage authorized users and define specific permissions and types of access. Authenticate user accounts via public or private registration, or social media accounts. Integrate with Microsoft® Active Directory or other Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions.

digital asset management


Connect your community with a powerful, secure DAM. Easily store, organize, and manage company assets in a centralized repository for authorized employee access. Keep it all - PDF handbooks, training videos, images, and other digital assets - within easy reach.

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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