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3/10/2016 3:57 PM

I'm currently evaluating skins for a new website, and I'm looking for visual cues when you tab through a site so people who can't use a mouse well (either due to carpal tunnel or something else) can still access the site using a keyboard.

 I'm seeing a huge difference in skin designs for this feature. Mandeeps (high price) has some cues, dnngo (high price) has just about no cues, and PrettyDnn (moderate price) has some cues. How difficult is it to implement this feature? And it seems to be implemented on the skin level because I can't find a setting that seems to control it.

Any direction appreciated.

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4/9/2016 12:13 AM

Some developers (not just DNN developers) neglect to add a focus style for elements that can be tabbed to. That is what adds the visual cue.

It is typically an easy fix but has to be evaluated depending on the modules, skins and container styles you are using.

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4/12/2016 11:04 AM
hbuchel, the link won't open, but I went to and searched for focus. This is definitely something that should be done on the skin level, it seems to me. I wouldn't want to go in and muck with it without taking a heck of a lot more coding courses... or is it easy to fix if you purchase an outside skin IF you know what you are doing? (If you don't purchase the source.)

It also doesn't seem like DNN has the increase font out of the box option that is found in a lot of Wordpress sites either...
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4/12/2016 10:17 PM

Oops sorry, let me try that again :focus

Yes you're right, though. Within the stylesheets of your skin is where'd you take care of this. You do need to be familiar with writing HTML and CSS. If you bought a skin from the store, you should be able to edit the stylesheets to make any fixes (though you'd probably want to keep track of your changes in case you download an update or patch of that skin).

Do you mean zooming in with your browser or changing a browser setting to increase font size? This is also typically an issue with the skin itself (or module, if it's loading in css), not necessarily DNN. Unfortunately the Dnn store doesn't have that much of a review process to weed out skins with accessibility issues and the front-end developer community of Dnn is playing a bit of catch up compared to something like WordPress' front-end/theming community. I am sure you could find the same issues in WordPress themes it's just that they have such a wider pool of people creating for it at the moment.

These are definitely all possible things to do in Dnn skins though. Here is an example Dnn site that my company recently launched: There are visual focus styles, and you can zoom the text with your browser without breaking everything on the site.

We just need to egg on the developers using Dnn to be more diligent about their code :)

New Post
4/13/2016 3:44 PM

Thanks so much!

 In regards to zoom, it is really changing the text size. Here is an example that allows folks to up the text size. (It also allows a contrast change.) With folks getting older, a lot of the default text sizes might be too small, especially with the young folks doing a lot of the designing. ;)

HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...Tabbing through a skin and getting a visual cueTabbing through a skin and getting a visual cue

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